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Predicting movement in League Of Legends

Lagging in League of Legends is one of the most helpless feelings a human being can experience. Being hit with abilities and rapidly losing your HP while your champion teleports around the map is a miserable feeling and every LoL player has encountered it at some point in his career. If you’re som...

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Top 15 LoL Duo Names - (Lmao warning)

Summoner names have always been an integral way of showing your personality and identity on Summoner’s Rift. Whether it’s an acronym of a champion like Susan (Nasus mains) or something similar to your in-game main like Yassuo, players have always found unique ways to express themselves through t...

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The best LoL smurfing Discord servers

IntroductionIn recent years, we've seen millions of gamers worldwide gravitate towards using Discord, the most popular platform for text and voice communication. The main selling point for this application is that allows gamers from all over the globe to enter real-time calls while they're playing t...

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The story of Tyler1

Over the last couple of years, famous League of Legends streamers and content creators alike have massively influenced the community through their playstyles, picks, and gameplay on the Rift. We've seen the rise in prominence of many players such as Yassuo, Hi Im Gosu, or Annie Bot that initially b...

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Who is RATIRL? Founder Of L9 and Disco Nunu

Most seasoned League Of Legends players have previously encountered other in-game players rocking the L9 tag or generally having L9 in their name. If you're sleeping under a rock and don't know what the tag is all about by now, L9 is a controversial club of infamous high ELO boosters, mostly origina...

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Choosing a role to main in League Of Legends

I think everyone in the world who started playing league of legends was like what role do I have to play?In this article I am gonna explain to you your best choice on choosing a league of legends role. And afterthis article you know what to play!What roles are there?There are 5 roles in league of le...

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Meaning of smurf in League of legends LoL

If you are looking at this article you probably do not know what smurfing means or want a little more information about league of legends smurfing! Do not worry we turbosmurfs have you covered by listing our explaination on league of legends smurfs on our site turbosmurfs.gg. After this article you ...

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Best smurf champions in League of Legends

If you are looking at this article, that means you DEFINITELY want to climb up some ranks in League of Legends! Don’t worry, as we got YOU covered by listing OUR five best champions to climb up the solo queue ladder. In this article you will read about five champions you definitely need to play in...

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Welcome to Turbosmurfs.gg

Welcome to turbosmurfs.gg.At our shop you can purchase league of legends smurf accounts for all the various regions:EUWNAEUNETROCEOur accounts are all unranked fresh mmr with level 30, ready to be unleashed in ranked games.Why you should buy a lol smurf account from turbosmurfs.ggHave you ever wante...

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