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How to find Valorant Duo




17 May

Playing ranked in Valorant is often a frustrating experience, especially in situations in which your teammates are much less skilled than your opponents.

Playing with a duo partner significantly helps with this issue as it provides a level of consistency and synergy you cannot forge with a random teammate you encounter.

However, finding the right duo to play Valorant with can be a tough task, especially if you’re not familiar with the best places to look for one.

#1 Turboboost


Duo with Radiant players

Playing with low elo players who struggle to make an impact in ranked games is a common cause of frustration.

Luckily, Turboboost allows you to experience the thrill of playing a duo with a Radiant player through the magic of duo boosting.

Duo boosting is a method that orders a Radiant player to play duo with you and stomp your opponents in ranked matches.

Rank up easily and efficiently

Winning is fun and winning while having fun is what duo boosting is all about.

By playing duo with a Radiant player, you significantly increase your likelihood of victory as these players are skilled enough to carry games on their own in any elo.

As a result, this alleviates the burden of carrying other players in ranked as you can relax and watch your in-game rank skyrocket while the wins keep piling up.

Improve your Valorant skills while playing duo

Apart from giving your Valorant rank a boost, duo boosting is a method that boosts your Valorant skills as well.

This is because you will be directly involved in the boosting process by playing with a Radiant duo.

Consequently, you will be able to improve your mechanical skills and tactical depth by soaking up the booster’s good habits and in-game prowess.

#2 Teams

unnamed (1).png

Duo and team matching algorithm embraces a unique method of matching Valorant duos.

Instead of connecting you with other players through duo posts, Teams takes matters into their own hands and pairs you with potential teammates based on a wide variety of filters.

By analyzing the data you’ve entered when creating your profile, Teams automatically matches you with compatible duos and teams.

This reduces the time spent on finding a Valorant duo considerably and allows you to spend that time grinding ranked and climbing the ladder.

Availability and location filters

When it comes to playing duo in Valorant, coordinating schedules presents a massive issue, especially if you’re not playing with someone from the same time zone.

Luckily, finding players with the same gaming schedule is an easy task as Teams uses availability and location filters to help you narrow down your search.

Valorant connections tab

Once you’ve found players who you enjoy playing with on Teams, you can easily manage your connections in the connections tab.

This feature enables you to message anyone on the site instantly, eliminating the need for them to accept your Discord or Valorant friend request beforehand.

#3 DAK

unnamed (2).png

Age and gender filters

When it comes to finding the right Valorant duo who you can build a long-term friendship with, small details can be complete game-changers.

DAK minimizes the risk of playing with a random player by enabling several unique personalization filters such as age and gender.

This allows you to find the duo who not only fits your gameplay preferences but your personal ones as well.

Verified LFG search

Everyone who creates an LFG post on DAK has to first verify and link their Riot profile, providing transparency about their gaming identity.

By adding a layer of accountability, this feature ensures you don’t encounter banned players, which creates a safer environment for matchmaking.

Headshot % stat

Consistently landing headshots is one of Valorant’s most important skills to master as it gives you an upper hand when dueling opponents.

While browsing Valorant duos on DAK, every player you encounter has their overall headshot % displayed next to their post.

This allows you to gain insight into their combat lethality, further filtering the players based on their in-game skills. 

#4 OP.GG

unnamed (3).png

Advanced LFG search algorithm

OP.GG’s algorithm allows you to easily find Valorant duos that fit your liking by enabling a wide variety of useful filters.

This allows you to narrow down your search by filtering players based on the map they play on, ranked tier, preferred Agent and role, and win rate.

On top of that, the LFG posts on the website allow players to describe themselves with a short note as well as add important preferences such as their willingness to use voice comms while playing.

Player profile integration

One of the main advantages of using this website’s Valorant duo-finding tool is that it allows you to directly analyze the OP.GG profile of anyone you encounter.

This is extremely useful as OP.GG is famous for its well-designed player profile pages that present all of the key data, allowing you to assess your potential duo’s performance and playstyle.

#5 Valorant LFG Reddit

unnamed (4).png

Community posts and comments

Reddit is a hub for all kinds of communities, including gaming-related ones. Luckily, there is a subreddit specifically created with the goal of forging new connections between Valorant players.

The Valorant LFG subreddit can connect you with a Valorant duo via Reddit posts which are generally the main method of sharing content on Reddit.

The main advantage of these posts is that they don’t restrict you or others in terms of self-expression.

Given that you have no limit on characters or words you can use, you can create meaningful LFG posts that thoroughly describe your personality and player preference, allowing you to attract and find players that fit your criteria.

Tournament and server promotions

Apart from connecting players, the LFG subreddit also helps you find duos and join online communities in apps such as Discord.

On top of that, you can also search and join small grassroots tournaments that can potentially serve as an additional avenue for meeting other players and joining communities.


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