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Free Smurfs

Receieve free smurf accounts for your streams, events or giveaways periodicially.

Coupon Codes

You will recieve a coupon code which you can give to your community.

Shared Revenue

For each account sold using your coupon you will earn a percentage of commission.

Evolving Partnership

Depending on volume and sales generated from you, we are open for potential partnerships and more.

Turbosmurf Ambassadors

Everyone wins with Turbosmurf Affiliates

Are you a streamer, website owner, youtuber or influencer?

With Turbosmurfs Affiliate program, you can give your community great value from our coupon codes while you earn shared revenue per account sold and periodically get free smurf accounts for specific events hosted by you for your community.

How does it work?

How it works

Apply for the program

Start out by filling out the form below to apply for the program, we will get back to you within 24 hours regarding if you have been accepted or not.

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Link the widget

If you have been accepted for the program, you will recieve a coupon code which can be used by your community, all you have to do now is link to us on your website, stream, video or profile.

We will create a unique image just for your coupon which should be anchor tagged to

Get Paid

Once everything is setup you can follow your sales and progress through our affiliate panel, here you can see your available payout, total earned and when/what your community has purchased at Turbosmurfs.

You may request payout every 2 weeks, however your available payout must have reached atleast 5€. We offer payouts in Paypal, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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