League Of Legends Duo Finder

It's built for players

We are building a new LoL Duo Finder to improve your ranked climbs and league of legends smurfing sessions, Coming soon..

The perfect solution for your climbing needs

Today its hard to find good duos for climbing in league of legends, you either need to register on sketchy a discord server or you need to use reddit, but that is not the case anymore, with our upcoming tool, it will only take you a few clicks to find your dream lol duo partner.

  • Rank Verification
  • Reviews and Duo Rating
  • Aggregated Match History
  • Link Multiple Smurfs
  • Team Finder
  • Great for clash teams


Ranked Verification

Possibility to verify your rank, great tool for smurfs to find verified high elo players.


Duo Rating

Ability to post reviews on a users profile after duoing, rating their playstyle and skills on the summoner's rift.


Aggregated Match History

With an aggregated match history it is easy to show a match history from multiple accounts in the same view.


Link Multiple Smurfs

Show of your skills in low elo by verifying your smurf accounts, great tool for turbosmurfs.


Easy Contact

Easily contact a user by clicking on their discord button to instantly add them on discord, you will always be one click away from being the best lol duo partners.


Best Plays

List clips on your profile of your best plays, giving your skills even more authenticity.

Questions & Answers

We at turbosmurfs.gg are high elo smurfs ourselves, finding reputable duos is hard, you always have to have an extra eye on your duo so he isn't a fake low elo player just looking to get boosted, our upcoming lol duo finder will fix this.

With the ability to verify your rank using Riot Games official APIs and reviews/duo rating, our lol duo finder will be the ultimate tool for finding great duos.

Absolutely not, while the app is a great tool for high elo smurfs to find reputable smurfs, it is just as good regular players trying to climb to the next tier.

We are hoping to have a MVP of the smurf duo finder done in the middle of july, this will not include all of the features listed above but it will be in a very functional state.

In the meantime, you can find duos in our discord server to find duos.

Using Riots official APIs we will be able to create an token which you will write in your settings on league of legends.

The plan is to only count verified reviews towards your duo rating, we can do this easily by both you and your duo partner having verified accounts that was in the same game, as someone reading the reviews you can see how both of the players played, both the reviewer and the reviewed player.

Find lol duo partners

How often have you wondered how high elo you can get to if you just find the right league partner? This wont be a problem anymore with our upcoming league teammates/duo finder.

Our goal is to make you win and play more, while spending less time on searching for the right and legit duo partner, wether if you are smurfing or just regular solo player who wants to try climb to diamond, our upcoming tool turbofinder is a fantastic way for you to find the right partner in your specific tier.

Are you a smurf who is tired of having fake duo partners who claim to be challenger but really it just feels like your games are boosting duo queue? We got your back, we know the struggle.

The tool is not only for ranked players and smurfs, but also for players looking for new teammates to their flex teams or clash teams.