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Free LoL Skins, only at Turbosmurfs

Our latest addition to our free lootboxes is our League of Legends skins lootbox, you can try your luck daily or use 500 of your Turbo Credits to open it at any time, get three of the same skin shard and you can claim the skin for free!

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Turbosmurfs free lol skin lootbox

3 Shards = Free LoL Skin

If you manage to get three shards of the same skin, you can claim the skin for free in our discord server.

Turbo Credits = Free Skins

You can also convert a single shard into a free account for 7500-10000 Turbo Credits, finally a way to use your leftover TC!

Free to open daily

You can open the lootbox once per 24 hours, but you can also try your luck by using 500 of your TC.

Good luck with your opening!

If you win any unique items you may claim them in our discord server!

Turbosmurfs Free Skin Lootbox

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