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How many Agents are in Valorant




16 May

Since its inception in 2020, Valorant has kept adding Agents to its initial roster with the goal of enriching gameplay possibilities.

As of the latest release of Clove, there are 24 Agents in Valorant, each bringing unique abilities to the game.

With a diverse array of Agents available in the game separated into 4 class types, players are presented with a strategic choice that determines their in-game playstyle.




Hailing from the UK, this Duelist is known for aggressive and flashy playstyle because of his power to control the battlefield with fiery abilities.

Most recognizable by his ultimate “Run it Back” that lets him cheat death and make offensive plays, Phoenix is one of the most beloved Agents in Valorant’s roster.



When it comes to outplaying opponents by dashing and slashing through sites and areas, none do it better than Jett because of her Q and E.

This nimble Duelist is hailed for her unparalleled mobility which is additionally complemented by an arsenal of devastating firepower from her ult’s knives that reset with each kill.



When you think of heavy fraggers in Valorant, you think of Reyna players.

This Duelist Agent embodies an aggressive, heads-on playstyle enabled by her siphoning abilities that constantly heal while in combat.

Her ult presents an additional layer of firepower as it boosts Reyna’s offensive combat stats which extends on kill, making Reyna a premium pick for Valorant smurfs.



If zapping enemies while zooming at uncontrollable speeds sounds like your cup of tea, you’re going to love the Filipino Duelist Neon who embraces fast-paced duelling.

Her signature “High Gear” combined with her ultimate “Overdrive”, allows Neon to rush enemies while equipped with an accurate lightning beam that inflicts deadly damage upon impact.



Deception is Yoru’s middle name, as this Japanese duelist’s kit revolves around creating advantageous situations through surprise attack and flanks, while having decent utility in the form of his flash grenade on Q.

By deploying clones, becoming invisible and teleporting, he creates chaos and uncertainty on the field, making Yoru a constant threat on the battlefield.



Never bring a knife to a gunfight, especially if Raze is your enemy since not even a regular gun is sufficient in most cases due to her abundance of firepower.

This duelist embodies raw demolition as Raze is equipped with several explosion-based abilities, most notably her ultimate which literally replaces her weapon with a massive bazooka.



Best known for his swaggy appearance and visually appealing abilities, Iso is certainly one of the most fun Duelists to play in the game.

His ultimate is an absolute blast to use as it teleports both Iso and a single opponent to an isolated interdimensional arena where only one Agent leaves alive.




Brimstone is a commando-type Controller equipped with an array of abilities designed to dictate the flow of combat through smokes and fiery barrages.

He is also equipped to support his teammates as well through his “Stim Beacon” as it provides a significant boost to fire rate which can be a crucial advantage in gunfights.



Viper’s kit revolves around controlling poisonous gas that zones out enemies and denies access to crucial areas and sites on the map.

This allows her to dictate pace and control the map as her abilities provide her a tactical edge by creating hazardous environments that restrict enemy movement and vision. 



Astra harnesses the power of the cosmos to manipulate the battlefield through powerful astral spells that hinder enemy movements, concuss opponents, and reduce vision.

Her most powerful spell, her ultimate is a very unique strategic tool allowing Astra to place stars on the map that can be activated to transform them into her other abilities.



Omen is a fairly unconventional Controller because of his teleportation abilities that allow him a strategic edge over his opponents because of flanking.

For this reason, Omen is a very disruptive force on the battlefield because of his elusive and shadowy tactics mixed with utility that stems from his shadow orbs and projectiles.



Harbor is a coastal Agent that wields ancient technology allowing him full control over water, allowing him to use aquatic power to shield allies and disrupt opponents.

He easily gains control over sites with the use of his “High Tide” and Cascade that continuously slow enemies while his ult “Reckoning” summons damaging geysers that concuss enemies hit.



Clove is one of the most unconventional Controllers in the game, sharing more resemblances with Duelists than other Agents in the Controller class.

This is because of their ultimate that allows them to be the first person who engages in a fight.

However, this doesn’t mean that Clove isn’t equipped with utility though, as they boast smoke grenades that can even be used after they’ve died in a round.




Breach is a powerful Valorant Initiator that relies on his seismic shockwaves to disrupt and damage opponents.

Blending precision and strength, Breach’s kit revolves around wrecking chaos and disarraying enemies by inflicting debuffs such as daze and blind.

Because of this, Breach is effective in both defensive and offensive situations, making him a very versatile and adaptable pick.



Sova is an Initiator whose playstyle revolves around reconnaissance and utility, providing crucial information to other members on his team.

His toolkit includes a bow that shoots a tracking arrow that reveals enemy positions.

Paired with his shock bolts and energy blasts from ultimate that pack a punch on the battlefield, Sova is a perfect blend of intel-based utility and offensive demolition.



Few Agents are capable of scouting better than the Initiator Skye because of her powerful Guiding Light that scouts enemies’ positions and blinds on contact, providing crucial strategic information.

Skye is also equipped with an abundance of utility for her teammates as she can constantly heal her allies with her “Regrowth” signature ability.  



KAY/O is an Agent who is very flexible to his approach in rounds as he is equipped with firepower that’s useful when defending sites and engaging opponents.

Boasting a flash grenade on Q and an explosive bomb on E, KAY/O can easily flush sites while also boasting additional utility with suppression from his signature blade and ulti.



Fade is an Initiator that loves messing with her opponents through abilities that constantly disrupt opponents through nearsights and movement binds.

She can also easily acquire intel on opponents by using her “Haunt” which reveals enemy Agents and ult that creates a trail to enemies while also deafening and decaying them.



Gekko is a very unique Valorant Agent as he never fights alone with his army of trusted creatures by his side.

His abilities utilize these creatures’ strengths by deploying them onto the battlefield and causing chaos.

These creatures pack a versatile punch as they can disrupt the opposition in numerous ways, most notably through damaging blinds and concussive blasts. 




Killjoy is a German engineer Sentinel that aims to control the battlefield and disrupt the enemy team with her array of powerful gadgets including turrets and alarms.

She is a formidable force when it comes to defending sites from enemies due to her intel gaining and area denial abilities.



Cypher is a Moroccan intelligence agent Sentinel whose playstyle revolves around outplaying opponents based on information that is acquired through spying and careful map control.

His signature “Spycam” enables easy m intel by scouting opponents while his “Tripwire” sets up sneaky traps that alert Cypher and his teammates whenever triggered.



Deadlock is a Sentinel that aims to control the battlefield by utilizing her high-tech abilities that slow, concuss, and even force opponents to crouch.

She constantly provides her team with advantage by disrupting opponents which is further enhanced by her ultimate that spawns a cocoon that drags and immobilizes enemies.



Chamber is a Sentinel that defies the norms for this class, embracing a heavy-frag playstyle due to the weapons in his arsenal and offensive utility.

Two of Chamber’s abilities replace his primary firearm with a pistol or a heavy sniper, allowing him to engage heavier on opponents, even on eco rounds.


24157_Sage Sentinel Valorant.webp

Sage is all about helping her teammates emerge victorious in gunfights by the constant use of her healing abilities.

By manipulating power orbs, Sage has the ability to disrupt opponents with slows and barriers while healing her teammates.

Her most recognizable ability is her ult though, allowing Sage to revive a fallen ally after a brief channel.

Next New Agent

Agent 8

In Valorant, every Agent has an ID number that corresponds to the order in which they’ve joined.

In the current development of Valorant, Riot has decided to keep Agent 8 a secret, with only a few speculative hints from AMAs and cinematics.

These speculations suggest that the Agent 8 is not dead and is currently away at an undisclosed location.

For this reason, it’s safe to assume that Riot is planning to integrate the Agent 8 into the game at some point in the future.


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