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Valorant Agents for Beginners




09 May

In Valorant, Agent selection is crucial and if you’re not particularly proficient in any Agent, you might want to explore Agents with a smaller learning curve.

These agents help you focus on crucial core game mechanics such as aim and movement by being less skill-intense when playing.

Whether you’re a new player, or simply someone who wants to expand his Agent pool without investing too much time, picking these Agents up will improve your team contribution and overall efficiency. 



What makes her good

If you’re looking to play an offensive Valorant Agent for beginner whom you can drop 30 kills with and dominate your opponents, look no further than Reyna.

This duelist embodies aggressive gameplay with her abilities that capitalize off takedowns and allow her to take on multiple opponents at once.

Reyna's signature ability, "Dismiss," allows her to quickly reposition or escape after securing a kill, while her ultimate, "Empress," enhances her speed, fire rate, and abilities.

As a result, Reyna is a popular pick among Valorant smurfs and high elo players who excel in frag-heavy playstyles and aim to carry their team.

What makes her easy to play

Reyna is a perfect Agent for Valorant beginners because of her self-sufficient playstyle and straightforward abilities.

As a Duelist, Reyna excels in one-on-one combat in which her abilities provide you with an upper hand over your opponents through healing and increased offensive stats.

Reyna excels in a hectic solo queue environment with low levels of team coordination, which is especially prevalent in low elo.

She is also an Agent that will elevate your Valorant mechanical skills and aim.

As she promotes aggressive plays, you’re constantly going to be gunning down players and learning about new rotations which improves your long-term Valorant knowledge.



What makes him good

As far as Controllers go in Valorant, Omen is certainly one of the most powerful and fun ones to play in the game.

Unlike some of his fellow Controller peers, he’s not all smokes and no game as several of his abilities allow you to be very creative with your approach.

Omen’s teleportation abilities on C and especially his ultimate have the potential to transform Omen into an offensive menace on the battlefield.

Paired up with plenty of utility offered through his Q and E, Omen stands out as one of the most well-balanced Agents in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities.

What makes him easy to play

Omen is a perfect Agent to pick up if you’re trying to improve in the Controller role thanks to his abilities that are fairly straightforward to use and master.

His kit offers a blend of utility and tactical advantage that’s fairly easy to grasp, making Omen an accessible choice for beginners in this particular role.

The only challenging ability to use is his ultimate which will reward your in-game commitment to learning it with a greater understanding of in-game rotations

Furthermore, playing this Agent will significantly improve your understanding of smokes and their impact on securing objectives and increasing map control.  


24157_Sage Sentinel Valorant.webp

What makes her good

As far as top-tier Agents for Valorant beginners go, Sage is at the very top of the list.

When playing Sage, you’re certainly going to be the favorite person on the team as this Sentinel Agent is all about helping your teammates due to her powerful healing.

The most impactful ability Sage possesses is her ultimate which is a complete game-changer. By having a tool in your arsenal as powerful as Sage’s ability to your teammates, you can singlehandedly swing the tide of a round.

On top of that, Sage also excels in map control as she’s able to use her Q and C to contest objectives. 

What makes her easy to play

The biggest factor that makes Sage so potent is the fact that she doesn’t require much mechanical prowess to make a large impact on the game.

Unlike some Agents that rely on precise aim and extensive mechanical expertise, Sage players can excel without requiring much skill at all.

Her healing abilities are very powerful and impactful yet require very little experience which makes an ideal Agent to add to your rotation.

Furthermore, her orb and wall are also fairly straightforward abilities to use that provide you with an abundance of map control.



What makes him good

Unlike Sage that relies on healing and reviving teammates to contribute to the team, Chamber takes a different approach to winning games in Valorant.

This Sentinel instead prefers to disrupt and confuse opponents by using his trips and teleport anchors.

His trips reveal and slow enemies in close range, allowing you to smoke and flash them, resulting in a quick kill for your team.

Even post nerf, Chamber’s Rendezvous is a potent teleportation tool that catches opponents off guard, allowing Chamber to get the upper hand at all times.

On the other hand, his Q and ult allow you to embrace an offense-heavy playstyle by equipping alternate firearms such as his powerful sniper.

What makes him easy to play

The main aspect of Chamber’s kit that makes him easy to play is the fact that he has 2 abilities that only change your equipped weapon.

Consequently, using abilities like these allows you to concentrate on core mechanics like aiming and movement rather than ability placement.

Even though his utility requires some getting used to, it contributes to the development of your in-game spatial orientation.

Using his teleport anchor is greatly beneficial when it comes to improving your sense of map rotations

Furthermore, by using trips on specific choke points, you increase your knowledge of counteracting your opponents and predicting their rotations.



What makes him good

Phoenix is a Duelist Agent that perfectly combines offensive and defensive abilities, resulting in a jack-of-all-trades that can easily adapt to various combat situations.

He excels at rushing and defending areas because of his flash and fireball abilities that allow for easier map and objective control.

That being said, the pinnacle of Phoenix’s kit is his ultimate ability that allows him to respawn at his original location after being eliminated.

Apart from allowing Phoenix to gain an offensive angle on the opponents, it can serve as a scouting utility tool, given that Phoenix can enter enemy territory and remain unscathed.

What makes him easy to play

One of Phoenix’s key strengths is his strong self-sustainability and healing. Because of his passive Hot Hands, you will have an easier time surviving rounds, providing direct healing when you’re standing in your fire.

This reduces the need to rely on your teammates’ healing, which is always beneficial in a solo queue setting.

Additionally, straightforward abilities like Blaze and Curveball are simple to use effectively, making Phoenix a stellar Agent choice for Valorant beginners.

His ult Run it Back is another ability that’s very forgiving to use, allowing you to gain a second chance in the round upon dying.


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