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Best Valorant Apps and Tools




12 May

Valorant’s competitive landscape is in an eternal state of evolution in which players always try to have a competitive edge over their opponents.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just stepping into the fray, playing with the right tools can make all the difference in mastering this dynamic world of agents and abilities.

To gain a strategic edge over your rivals, using verified third-party applications can be instrumental.

These tools not only offer in-game advantages but also serve as invaluable assets in honing your skills and analyzing winning strategies.



In-game overlays

Undoubtedly, Blitz’s biggest strength is the fact that it can directly impact your Valorant gameplay by adding a variety of useful overlays.

These overlays assist you during matches by displaying dynamic stats, helping you with your Agent selection, or summarizing the game in the post-match insight section.

Agent lineup maps

In Valorant, Agent lineup maps refer to images that show specific lineups or locations where agents can use their abilities effectively.

Blitz has lineup maps for all Agents available on the website, which is especially useful for newer players who are struggling with the usage of abilities such as smokes or flashes.

Weapon and Agent breakdowns boasts an extensive library of Agent-related content that focuses on their abilities, explaining their in-game purpose and best usage.

On top of that, Blitz hosts an abundance of data regarding Valorant weapons, helping you understand concepts such as their spray patterns or intricate details such as their wall penetration and fire mode.



Global ladder ranking

Keeping up with the top-ranked players in the world is a simple task when using the Tracker, as it frequently refreshes the global ranked ladders for every region.

As a result, it’s very easy to stay up-to-date with the hottest Radiant meta trends and comps abused in the highest ranks on the ladder.

Map strategic analysis has a player improvement section that’s devoted to community members sharing their guides on in-game mechanics.

These guides can be filtered based on the map you’re interested in and they can improve your skills when it comes to using Agent abilities.

Live game scouting

The in-game Tracker overlay scouts your in-game teammates and foes, providing crucial information at every stage of the game.

To put things into perspective, during the game, it can be used to track the in-game progress and economy of players, while in pre-match it allows you to scout win rates and overall performances of players you’re playing with.

#3 Mobalytics


Beginner guides

Mobalytics is the perfect app to help you improve your Valorant mechanics as they have a specific section of the website devoted to Agent guides across several maps.

These tutorials tackle important mechanics such as optimal ability usage which is extremely useful if you’re struggling with making effective contributions with your in-game utility.

Global Top Performers list

In addition to showcasing the highest-ranked Valorant players, Mobalytics also features its own leaderboard, highlighting the top global performers of the week.

This serves as a unique benchmark of player quality as players are ranked by their headshot percentages, number of MVP performances, K/D, and overall combat score.


When it comes to improving in Valorant, learning directly from another player can be a useful method of acquiring knowledge.

Even though it’s a paid method of improvement, Mobalytics offers Master Classes that stand out as one of the best methods of improving in Valorant as they include one-on-one coaching with top Radiant players.

#4 U.GG


Peek maps

If you’re someone who struggles with peeking in Valorant, you’re going to find U.GG’s meta peek maps extremely useful, especially since they’re freshly updated on a daily basis.

These maps disclose the best spots on each map for peeking based on KDA, weapon, agent role, and side.

In-game round highlights

Clutch moments and incredible outplays are what Valorant is all about. After a round ends, the U.GG app allows you to observe the highlights which allows you to re-live the plays that just occurred.

What’s more, this allows you to analyze the spots on the map with the most action which can impact your strategic approach.

Weapon tier list

One of many useful statistical metrics that U.GG uses to dissect the Valorant meta is by analyzing weapons based on their success through tier lists.

These lists rank the best weapons on each map based on their win rate and lethality at certain distances.

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#5 OP.GG


Strategy skill guides

On their website, OP.GG hosts a library of video skill guides that aim to help you learn how to use in-game abilities effectively.

Furthermore, you can filter these video guides depending on the Agent and map you’re interested in, and whether you’re defending or attacking.

Detailed profile page

OP.GG is known for well-designed profile pages that display a plethora of useful player-related data such as their ranked rating and key stats.

However, what makes OP.GG stands out are small details such as the hit marker count that calculates a player’s takedowns and separates them into body shots, leg shots, or headshots.

Personalized performance rating

In the match history section of this website, you can analyze individual matches and determine a player’s performance.

The best assessment of these performances is summarized in the OP score that ranks players based on key statistical metrics.

It awards the best player on the winning team with the MVP title while the standout player on the losing one is the ACE.

#6 Valking


Mobile integration

Valking is fully mobile-compatible through their app, allowing you to enjoy the tool’s functionalities swiftly and efficiently outside of the browser.

This is especially useful if you need to use a tool like this on your mobile phone in order to preserve your CPU’s performance and reduce the number of unnecessary background tasks. 

Agent tier lists

As Valorant’s Agent balance keeps updating with every patch, staying up to date with the latest meta trends and balance changes can be a somewhat challenging task.

Luckily, Valking makes this easy by providing you resources that display updated Agent tier lists based on win rates for both attacking and defending.

Map stats

Depending on the given map, Agent performance can highly vary as some Agents are naturally more proficient in certain sets of circumstances.

To help you prepare for your next ranked draft more efficiently, Valking displays map-specific win rate data, allowing you to gain insight into the Agents that perform best on every map.

#7 Buff


Play and complete challenges

Playing with the Buff app introduces a completely new perspective of playing Valorant as you can constantly challenge yourself by trying to complete Buff quests.

These challenges include quests such as winning games or hitting headshots while providing you with the Buff currency in return.

Exchange Buffs for gifts

The selling point of the app’s entire service is its custom currency, Buffs, which are earned by completing challenges and staying active on the platform.

In the store section of the app, you can exchange these Buffs for useful in-game items, gift cards, and currencies.


Apart from acquiring items by using Buffs, you can get free in-game loot through Buff’s raffle system in which you exchange the currency for raffle tickets.

If you’re lucky enough, or if you simply buy enough tickets, there is a chance you can be on the receiving end of some amazing rewards such as RP cards or Amazon gift cards.

#8 Dak


LFG Tool

If you’re someone who likes to team up and play with a party of friends, you’re going to love Dak’s LFG feature.

This section of the website links you up with players who are also looking for teammates through LFG posts.

You can thoroughly filter the players playing on the website based on rank, region, and preferred position. 

Public crosshair library

Every Valorant player enjoys adjusting and experimenting with crosshairs to observe their effect on in-game success and performance.

Fortunately, Dak hosts a rich library of frequently updated crosshairs posted by the members of Dak’s community.

On top of that, this tool allows you to filter the crosshairs by appearance and category.

Agent comps win rate

This unique feature of Dak allows insight into the best-performing Agent comps in the last 24 hours, ranking them by crucial metrics such as pick rate, win rate, and KDA.

This knowledge can be used to determine the best meta picks at the moment and appropriately adapt your in-game strategy.



Match prep team comparison

One of Strats’ unique strengths is the team stats comparison meter that calculates both teams’ crucial data before the match begins.

This calculation displays and compares both teams’ crucial information such as win percentages, average K/D, and HS percentages, revealing key strengths and weaknesses of each team.

Personalized player ratings

The Strats app allows you to rate your teammates positively, neutrally, or negatively, depending on your experience playing with them.

This overlay’s best feature is the fact that you can see the scores you’ve previously given to teammates you encounter in the future.

Video lineup tutorials

Strats’ lineup tool reveals the best lineups for every Valorant Agent on every map out there, with icons of abilities represented at the best spots for using the utility.

Furthermore, you can also find video tutorials for the best Valorant lineups which is one of the easiest methods of learning this important piece of skill.


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