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League of Legends: Female Champions & Stats




16 May

In the dynamic realm of League of Legends, female champions stand at the forefront, each embodying a unique blend of skill, lore-rich background, and style.

From mystical enchantresses to fierce warriors, the character diversity is what makes this game so special.

Regardless of your role of choice, there is a female champion waiting to inspire you within the ever-expanding universe of League of Legends.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, there is always something new to learn about the most played LoL female champions.

Which are the female champions in League of Legends?


There were 40 champions available when the game launched in October 2009. Almost fifteen years later, their total count is 168.

From the mystical forests of Ionia to the icy tundras of the Freljord, here are the 63 LoL female champions by order of release.

Champion Name

Release Date

Number of Skins

AnnieFebruary 21, 2009


AsheFebruary 21, 2009


KayleFebruary 21, 2009


MorganaFebruary 21, 2009


SivirFebruary 21, 2009


SorakaFebruary 21, 2009


TristanaFebruary 21, 2009


EvelynnMay 1, 2009


AniviaJuly 10, 2009


JannaSeptember 2, 2009


KatarinaSeptember 19, 2009


NidaleeDecember 17, 2009


PoppyJanuary 13, 2010


AkaliMay 11, 2010


Miss FortuneSeptember 8, 2010


SonaSeptember 21, 2010


LuxOctober 19, 2010


LeBlancNovember 2, 2010


IreliaNovember 16, 2010


CassiopeiaDecember 14, 2010


CaitlynJanuary 4, 2011


KarmaFebruary 1, 2011


VayneMay 10, 2011


OriannaJune 1, 2011


LeoneJuly 13, 2011


RivenSeptember 14, 2011


ShyvannaNovember 1, 2011


AhriDecember 14, 2011


SejuaniJanuary 17, 2012


FioraFebruary 29, 2012


LuluMarch 20, 2012


ZyraJuly 24, 2012


DianaAugust 7, 2012


SyndraSeptember 13, 2012


EliseOctober 26, 2012


NamiDecember 7, 2012


ViDecember 19, 2012


QuinnMarch 1, 2013


LissandraApril 30, 2013


JinxOctober 10, 2013


KalistaNovember 20, 2014


IllaoiNovember 24, 2015


TaloyahMay 18, 2016


CamilleDecember 7, 2016


XayahApril 19, 2017


ZoeNovember 21, 2017


Kai’SaMarch 7, 2018


NeekoDecember 5, 2018


YuumiMay 14, 2019


QiyanaJune 28, 2019


SennaNovember 10, 2019


LilliaJuly 22, 2020


SamiraSeptember 21, 2020


SeraphineOctober 29, 2020


RellDecember 10, 2020


GwenApril 15, 2021


VexSeptember 23, 2021


ZeriJanuary 20, 2022


Renata GlascFebruary 17, 2022


Bel’VethJune 9, 2022


NilahJuly 13, 2022


NaafiriJuly 19, 2023


BriarSeptember 14, 2023



















































































































Keep in mind that there are some champions like Kindred who have been described as gender-neutral although people have generally referred to them as females. They were not included in this list.

Which are the Most Popular LoL Female Champions in 2024?

The popularity of a champion greatly depends on the current meta.

Throughout the years, the community had transitioned through brief and long periods when certain types of champions were on a pedestal and others were neglected.

Only a few special female champions like Jinx and Lux have remained in the elite list of the most played characters for years and also Riot's favorite marketing subjects.

Remember that Lux has appeared on more marketing materials than any other champion and Jinx was one of the main characters in Arcane, the iconic animated TV series based on League of Legends.

Jinx (The Loose Cannon)

Jinx_PrestigeBattleCatSkin.webpPrestige Battle Cat Jinx

Originally from the streets of Zaun, Jinx's wild demeanor and love for mayhem are undeniable.

Armed with an entire arsenal of weapons and a chaotic sense of humor, she is also known as The Demolition Diva.

In the early stages of a game, playing Jinx may be challenging. As a skill shot-based Marksman, scaling with her requires mechanical prowess.

But once the game advances, Jinx turns into an extremely mobile hyper-carry, which is the reason she is the most-played female champion in League of Legends. 

Lux (The Lady of Luminosity)

Prestige Battle Academia Lux

Born into a prestigious family in Demacia, Lux was destined to uphold the kingdom's ideals of honor and duty.

Despite the risks, she embraced her secret passion for magic with a dream to prove that it could be used for good.

Lux is a versatile Mage champion that is relatively straightforward but requires some mechanical skills.

Her only downsides are the low base HP and below-average mobility. 

Ashe (The Frost Archer)


Lunar Empress Ashe

As the queen of the Freljord, Ashe is a strong leader with a dream to unite the tribes under one banner.

Her bow is infused with true ice, a rare mineral that never melts.

Ashe's in-game abilities make it difficult for her opponents to approach or escape, as her passive and second spells have a slowing effect, and her Ultimate stuns all enemies in its hitbox.

Ahri (The Nine-Tailed Fox)


Prestige KDA Ahri

Once a remorseless predator who fed on the essence of unsuspecting humans, Ahri longed to become human herself.

Over time, she learned to control her powers and yearned to regain her lost humanity.

In the game, Ahri's magic materializes in the shape of orbs with different kinds of energy. Mastering the mechanics of Ahri is fairly easy but the higher number of skill shots makes her a medium-difficulty champion.

Vayne (The Night Hunter)

Dawnbringer Vayne

Born into a noble Demacian family, Vayne witnessed the murder of her parents at the hands of a bloodthirsty demon when she was sixteen this critical moment forced her to dedicate her life to purging her homeland of dark creatures.

Armed with her crossbow, Vayne is one of the high-damage ADCs in League of Legends.

This extremely mobile champion requires the highest degree of mechanical abilities but once mastered, she is nearly unstoppable. 

Miss Fortune (The Bounty Hunter)


Porcelain Miss Fortune

Born to the family of a weapons manufacturer, Miss Fortune witnessed the death of her parents at an early age and barely survived herself.

With revenge in her mind, she rose through the ranks of the criminal underworld and became a feared captain.

In the game, Miss Fortune is even more dangerous.

While she is not the most mobile marksman, MF is capable of doing extreme damage from the earliest stages of the game.

With the right positioning and build, Miss Fortune becomes a hyper-carry that can win entire team fights. 

Diana (Scorn of the Moon)


Winterblessed Diana

Raised by the religious cult of the Solari, Diana was cast out for questioning the beliefs of her people, and in time, she became the leader of the opposing religious group of the Lunari.

Diana is one of the rare melee AP fighters in League of Legends and depending on the build of choice, she can be considered an assassin too.

Her burst damage made her one of the most popular LoL female champions.

In terms of skills, Diana is moderately difficult to play.

Caitlyn (The Sheriff of Piltover)


Prestige Caitlyn

Renowned for her unparalleled skill with a rifle, Caitlyn is the pillar of law enforcement in Piltover.

Her mission is to keep the streets safe from criminals.

In League of Legends, Caitlyn is a fairly balanced ADC that requires some technical skills.

She relies heavily on basic attack damage and thus two of her four spells produce more damage with the next attack if landed. 

Kai'Sa (Daughter of the Void)

Kai%27Sa_HeavenscaleSkin (1).webp
Heavenscale Kai’Sa

A survivor of the void, Kai'Sa battles the darkness that is trying to consume her and protects the innocent in a world that misunderstands her.

In the game, Kai'Sa is a mobile and versatile ADC that is adaptable to different playstyles. Her abilities make her dangerous in short- and long-range battles on the Rift. 

Akali (The Rogue Assassin)

Prestige KDA Akali

Hailing from the reclusive Kinkou Order, Akali is torn between her duty to the organization and her desire for freedom.

Her mission is to defend her homeland from all its enemies.

Over the years, Akali's abilities and appearance went through numerous changes in the game, including a complete rework of the champion.

Before and after the transition, she was one of the most exciting assassin champions in League of Legends.

Female Champions: Role Distribution

The old role stigmas no longer exist in League of Legends as the different metas preach for entirely new playstyles.

Therefore, most champions have been categorized with at least a couple of different roles.

The following chart considers this fact and the percentages include both single-role champions and playable characters that fall into several categories.

Take Ahri, for example, a mage and an assassin. Or Vayne - a marksman and an assasin. 

LoL Female Champions in percentages by role.

It is also interesting to see the percentages that female champions in League of Legends occupy from the total number of playable characters in the game (168). These are the facts:

  • There are 45 tank champions in the game and only 15.6% of them are female characters (7).
  • There are 36 supports in the game and 67% of them are female champions (24). 
  • There are 31 marksmen in League of Legends and the female champions make up 45% (14). 
  • There are 63 mages in the game with 46% of them being females (29).
  • There are 71 fighter champions in League of Legends and just 24% are females (17). 
  • Finally, there are 43 assassins in LoL and only 39.5% of them are female champions (17). 

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Regardless of their roles or popularity, it's clear that all female characters bring their own unique story and abilities to the Summoner's Rift.

As the game continues to evolve, so does the roster of LoL female champions.

Whether you are a fan of raw magical power, skillful marksmanship, or thrilling melee combat, there is a female champion who is awaiting your pick. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many female champions are in League of Legends?

As of 2024, 63 champions have been confirmed as females. 

Who are the most popular LoL champions?

The popularity changes with every season and meta but champions like Lux, Jinx, Ashe, and Caitlyn always remain among the most picked characters.

How many champions did League of Legends start with?

The earliest test version of the game featured just 17 champions but that number was ramped up to 40 for the official launch.

Who is the best female champion in League of Legends?

There is no right answer to this question as each champion has a specific role, strengths, and weaknesses.

We can only state which are the most popular Lol female champions based on the pick rate and those are Jinx, Lux, and Caitlyn, in that order.


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