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Choosing a role to main in League Of Legends




29 Jun

I think everyone in the world who started playing league of legends was like what role do I have to play?

In this article I am gonna explain to you your best choice on choosing a league of legends role. And after

this article you know what to play!

What roles are there?

There are 5 roles in league of legends one is Toplane. Toplane is a lane where people play fighters and tanks. This lane

requires you to be on the right place on the right time because your job is to help your team out when others can't with your teleport.

and be your teamfight opener or tank.

The other role is Jungle. This role is in the beginning maybe one of the hardest roles to pick up because your goal in the game is to support your team

and get your team ahead. But this is not all! you got a big task of securing the objectives like dragon and baron so be prepared to die for it.

The next role is Midlane. Midlane is a role where you have to need the best map awareness. you can get ganked from 6 places so ward correctly! This role

is mainly dominated by assasains and scaling ability power champions like cassiopia and ryze. Your goal is to scale or to roam and support your team with


The next role is Botlane (AD Carry) this role you are the carry of the team often in late game. Your goal is to scale up and be prepared when teamfights break out

you will be doing the most damage and your job is to kill the enemies. you get supported by a Support and that's the last role. 

Support is the support of the team. Your job is to help your teammates when needed your are a tank or a healer/shielder and your goal is to safe your team from dying!

It is better that you die than a teammate but do not run it down. Only when needed, ofcourse when you are worth more than him don't do it!

How should I decide what to role to pick?

It all depends on your playstyle! If you like helping out people you play support or jungle. If you like to be the most important player in your team

play midlane or adc. If you like to play tanks play top or support. If you like to just not play the lane you play jungle. In the end we cannot help you further than this.

It is all up to you! Just decide what you like by playing some games in all roles you will see quick enough what fits to you!

11 months ago

It depends on what role is fun for you and what champs you enjoy playing

11 months ago

Depends but. If you want a more chill-like gameplay i would reccomend support. If not go for anything except jungle. JG diff.