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Lol: Season 14 MSI and Worlds Teams and Dates




18 Apr

The LoL Worlds and MSI represent the pinnacle of competitive League of Legends, often regarded as the two most important international tournaments of the year.

Luckily, Riot has made an early announcement this year regarding these events, revealing all of the details you need to know to prepare timely.

MSI 2024

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What is MSI 2024?

MSI (mid-season invitational) is the second biggest League of Legends tournament of the year, hosting 12 of the best international teams after the Spring Split.

The 2024 edition of MSI stands out because the winner gets a unique prize in the form of direct qualification for the 2024 LoL Worlds, providing an additional qualification slot for its region.

On top of that, the new double elimination system introduced in this year’s edition of MSI will further shake things up, adding another layer of excitement for the viewers.

Where is MSI 2024 held?

The tournament will take place in Chengdu, China, a city with experience in hosting League of Legends tournaments, having previously hosted events like the Demacia Cup.

When is MSI 2024?

The MSI 2024 will be held from May 1 to May 19 and it will be divided into two stages, the play-in and bracket stage.
Which teams participate in MSI 2024?

Which teams participate in MSI 2024?



European LEC 1st seed

G2 Esports

European LEC Championship points


Korean LCK 1st seed


Korean LCK 2nd seed


Chinese LPL Spring 1st seed

Bilibili or TES

Chinese LPL Spring 2nd seed

Bilibili or TES

North American LCS 1st seed

Team Liquid

North American LCS 2nd seed


PCS 1st seed

PSG Talon

VCS Spring 2024 champion

GAM Esports

Brazil CBLOL Split 1 2024 champion

paiN or LOUD

Latin America LLA champion

Estral Esports

Worlds 2024

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What is LoL Worlds?

The League of Legends Worlds is the game’s biggest competitive tournament, hosting 20 of the best international pro teams and crowning a world champion among them.

It is held at the end of the Summer Split, summarizing the entire season in one big tournament that showcases international talent on the biggest stage.

Generally speaking, LoL Worlds is one of the biggest annual events in the world of Esports, attracting millions of viewers and having a sizable prize pool of over 2 million USD. 

Where is Worlds 2024 held?

This year’s edition of LoL’s world championship is going to be held in Europe, more specifically in London, United Kingdom.

The arena that will host the finals is the world-renowned O2, known for hosting enormous events such as concerts by world-famous artists.

When is Worlds 2024?

The 2024 Worlds will be held over a two month period, from September 25 to November 11th.


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