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League of Legends: Best Lol Teams of all time




14 May

League of Legends grew to be one of the most popular games in the world, with tens of millions of monthly active players.

Each edition of Worlds breaks LoL’s own viewership records, cementing its place as the King of Esports.

But with over 800 active professional teams to choose from, selecting the best LoL teams of all time turned out to be a considerable challenge.


Which Are The Best League of Legends Teams of All Time?

In the grand scheme of things, League of Legends can still be considered a young game. Its initial release was in 2009 and the first professional tournament was held in 2011.

Speaking directly about the World Championship, only 122 teams from 16 regions have made an appearance in the 13 years since the Season 1 World Championship.

This makes the final selection slightly easier since Worlds is the inevitable main focus point when speaking about the best LoL teams.  

Team Liquid 

Team Liquid with the LCS Spring Trophy.

While there are more successful teams than Team Liquid in terms of LCS trophies, Team Liquid's consistency and impact on the NA scene is what earned them a spot in this list.

Having won 5 LCS Splits since 2018, this makes them the most successful NA team in recent years.

They are yet to achieve something internationally but have been a consistent participant at Worlds.

Team Liquid strengthened their roster with talented players in 2024, changes that already helped them win the Spring 2024 Split.

This could be the year that they break the NA curse and reach far at Worlds. 



Fnatic at MSI 2024 stage.

Fnatic is one of the oldest and most respected organizations in League of Legends.

They were once the driving force in the growth of the esports scene, having achieved success in the early days of competitive play.

Their glory days may be far behind them but Fnatic deserves a place among the best LoL teams.

Even if their triumph as the Season 1 World Champions is left out of the equation, there is only one more successful European team in history.

Fnatic have won 7 LEC Splits since 2013 and have also been part of every World Championship but two - more than any other EU organization.


Cloud9 with the 2023 LCS Spring Trophy.

Cloud9 made an immediate impact in the NA LCS, dominating their debut season with a remarkable record of 25-3.

Since 2013, Cloud9 have been the region's driving force both domestically and internationally.

They won 6 LC Splits and finished as the runner-up seven times. With TSM now gone, Cloud9 are almost guaranteed to overtake them as the most successful NA team.

The team also appeared in ten of the last eleven World Championships, consistently finishing among the final Top 8 almost yearly. 

G2 Esports

G2 with the 2024 LEC Spring Trophy.

G2 Esports have been a powerhouse in the LEC, winning 14 of the 16 Split Finals they reached.

The organization is currently undisputed in the region, having won the last four in a row.

G2 Esports has redefined the European League of Legends with their bold and creative approach to the game.

Regardless of the absence of a World title in their cabinet, their consistency grants them a higher position among the best LoL teams than Fnatic.

Moreover, G2 came close to winning Worlds in 2018 but lost to FunPlus Phoenix in a one-sided final.

Nevertheless, G2 remain the sole EU team to win the MSI. 

Dplus KIA (formerly DAMWON Gaming)

The roster of DAMWON Gaming posing with the 2020 World Championship trophy.

Dplus Kia were dictating the narrative in Korea for a couple of years after earning a spot in the LCK in 2018. Back then, the team was known as DAMWON Gaming.

The team went on to win three consecutive seasons of the LCK and the 2020 World Championship.

Dplus Kia reached the 2021 final as well, losing to Edward Gaming in one of the most incredible series in history.

And the reason for all the success - Showmaker, their star mid-laner, who has been in the team since 2017 and is nowadays hailed as one of the best players of all time.

EDward Gaming


EDward Gaming at  Worlds 2021.

China has produced countless star rosters and remains the only region that can compete with the Koreans.

Out of all the strong teams, EDward Gaming has won the highest number of LPL titles (6).

While it can be argued that their glory days a long gone, EDward Gaming won the 2021 World Championship.

Among other achievements, the team won the Mid-Season Invitational in 2015.

EDward Gaming have to restructure the entire organization in order to become competitive again.

Yet, their illustrious past has guaranteed them a place among the best LoL teams in history. 

Gen.G (formerly Samsung Galaxy)


Gen.G after winningg the 2024 LCK Spring Split.

The Gen.G which won the LCK four times in a row since 2022 is the team that formed after KSV acquired the esports franchise of Samsung.

Samsung’s franchise started with two sister teams called Samsung Blue and Samsung White before getting combined into Samsung Galaxy.

To date, this remains the only organization other than T1 to win multiple World Championships.

Samsung White won it in 2014 and Samsung Galaxy repeated it in 2017.

And while Gen.G have been a force to be reckoned with on the domestic stage, they are yet to achieve greatness at Worlds in this era of the organization. 

T1 (formerly SK Telecom T1)

T1 with the 2023 World Championship trophy.

The undisputed kings of League of Legends. Four Korean teams have won a World Championship, which shows how dominant this region has been in LoL history.

But only one team has won it four times - T1 (three times as SK Telecom T1).

On top of that, T1 have won 10 LCK titles, with Gen.G being second in the all-time list with five. 

Best LoL Teams: Honorable Mentions



Having won the LPL five times and the MSI in 2018, 2021, and 2022, all RNG need is a world title to be considered one of the best LoL teams in history.

They could have been high on that list if only they weren't choking every year at Worlds. 



It was a sad day when TSM announced that they had sold their franchise slot.

Over the years, the name TSM became synonymous with North American League of Legends.

The team was consistently dominating the NA LCS and setting high standards for success. 

Gone but not forgotten, TSM remain the most titled team in the region with 7 LCS titles. 

Taipei Assassins

chrome 2012-10-14 09-01-01-54.png

One more team has a special place in the list of honorable mentions.

A team that had one of the most exceptional success stories in LoL history.

Only old-school fans would know how good the Taipei Assassins were in the first few years of competitive League of Legends.

But to win the Season 2 World Championship ahead of the big favorites - Moscow Five and Azubu Frost, remains an unparalleled achievement. 


In the end, it would be ignorant to arrange a list of the best LoL teams entirely based on their performances at the World Championships.

Several teams deserved our vote because of their overall impact in the competitive League or their consistent presence among the best teams in their respective regions.

And while this ranking is debatable and several other teams could be mentioned, they still need to achieve more to obtain this legendary status.


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