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Riot announces Valorant Replay System




29 May

One of the world’s most popular FPS games, Valorant, is yet to introduce a replay system that would allow players to retroactively analyze their past gameplay.

Luckily, in the most recent dev update, Riot has shared some exciting news about the introduction of this feature to Valorant.

Prototype replay system


It only took them 4 years, but Riot has finally addressed the lack of a replay feature in Valorant and acknowledged that this system is finally in the works.

From the small clip displayed in their newest dev update video, the replay system looks to be very rich in unique features.

Some of the standouts are the ability to allow you to cycle each Agent's POV as well as free roam with the camera at any point of the match.

The current version of the replay system is only a prototype though, as the live version is not yet scheduled for release, given that Riot is still ironing out some technical issues.

Replay system issues


Riot has cited numerous technical issues as the main reason why the replay system hasn’t been introduced into the game a long time ago.

The dev team expressed that there are several limitations that the game inherently possesses that are related to poor optimization design in the early phases of development of Valorant.

Certain limitations of the Unreal engine come into play when creating a replay system, especially when interacting with certain abilities, maps, and weapons.

A short clip that the Riot dev team shared in this video showcases a custom game test in which the door completely bugs out and appears at the wrong position.

On top of these difficulties, Riot is facing challenges when trying to re-design the game to fit in the replay system without damaging or interrupting the live version.

Video from Riot about Replay System


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