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Best champions in LoL Arena




18 Jul

Riot decided to drop a summer bomb with the announcement of their newest rotating game mode that had the entire player base talking. Named LoL Arena, the game mode introduces an extremely fun way of playing the game and it completely changes the approach to a game that is often poisoned with tryharding and toxicity. 

However, even though the game mode is casual, there still are champions that perform better and are meta picks because of their abilities and playstyle.

S tier Champions in LoL Arena

The champions in our S tier category are some of the picks which will undoubtedly have the highest win rate and ban rate once the 2v2v2v2 releases because of their impressive PBE statistics. Most of the S-tier champions are tanky bruisers and their main game plan is to oppress their opponents with consistent damage and sustain.



If you’re someone who enjoys playing Swain, you’re in luck as Swain is one of the most deadly champions in the Arena. As the game naturally forces you to engage in skirmish-like combat, Swain is naturally elevated to S-tier supremacy given his consistent damage and pesky sustain. Instead of suffering from the fact that close combat often takes place, Swain thrives with his skillset of low-range abilities. 

Swain is an extremely annoying champion to face as he has plenty of crowd control which has fairly low cooldowns, paired up with AoE damage which often damages both of his opponents at once. He is able to consistently outheal and outdamage his opponents, especially once the early game passes as he unlocks his ulti and gets a few items to reduce his cooldowns. To further amplify his scaling, he gets a lot of value when using Arena’s augments, as some of them greatly increase his ability to be a Raid Boss and 1v2 his opponents consistently.




Mordekaiser ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a perfect 2v2v2v2 champion as he excels in basically every phase of the game. Besides being an unbeatable menace when fighting 1v1, he is a champion that is perfectly able to 1v2 a fight, given the time to stack Conqueror and his passive. He also packs a lot of sustain with his W which he will activate several times in these extended skirmishes.

Mordekaiser deals a lot of AoE damage which hurts teams that prefer sticking up close and buffing each other. However, his main ability to disrupt teams lies in his ultimate, which separates teams, resulting in two 1v1 fights. Realm of Death’s isolation is almost game-breaking in the Arena, creating some truly overpowered duo comps with other champions.



Sett is a force to be reckoned with, as he’s one of the most potent champions in a skirmish-like setting who excels in an extended fight without turrets. There are very few champions that match Sett’s ability to consistently dish out damage while also passively increasing your Grit while you’re in combat. As you consistently dish out punches, you will definitely expect to receive a few, which is why your W will often pierce through duos and win a fight singlehandedly.

 His passive provides him with unparalleled melee damage that often forces enemies to flee. In addition, his ultimate can be a difference-maker, especially if you need to pin down and specifically focus a carry champion. That being said, you can also use his ultimate to cheese your opponents and send them into the ring of fire. If you don’t already win by the time the late game begins, you will pack a very strong punch once you gain access to the augments such as the Juggernaut or Slow Cooker.



If you’re someone who plays K’sante’s complex kit to the fullest of its abilities, you will definitely be able to win some games with this overpowered champion. He is one of the most powerful skirmish champions whose low cooldowns and consistent presence dominate fights. In the Arena, K’sante gets to fully make use of the potential of his ultimate, as he’s able to completely single out a champion he wishes to focus.

His W is extremely useful as a defensive tool in a 2v2 setting, as you will be able to judge better when to use it to counter your opponent’s abilities. Furthermore, his W also counters Mordekaiser who is one of the most oppressive 2v2 picks in the game at the moment. Paired up with the powerful augments who greatly enhance the stats of tanky champions in the late game, K’sante emerges as one of the most powerful meta picks in the 2v2v2v2 setting.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo.jpg

Think about how you often barely kill Mundo with 5 members of your team present, then you can imagine why he’s absolutely broken in a game mode where there are only 2 people hitting him. Mundo is one of the most broken Arena tanks that can build full tank and still one-shot you, especially because of the existence of Atma’s Impaler and Heartsteel.

 His ultimate is a complete game changer in a setting like this, allowing you to make risky plays and run people down while continuously healing. Furthermore, his Q is an amazing tool that allows you to relentlessly poke your opponents which is useful at any stage of the game. Last but not least, Mundo is a champion that can make great use of any tank-focused augment as his effectiveness as a champion greatly increases when he has unrealistically high HP and resistance stats.



Even after a round of balance adjustments with the intent of bringing his power level down, Heimerdinger remains one of the strongest Arena picks because of his kit that thrives in a surrounding like this. His turrets allow him and his teammate to gain control of the map as well as the objectives such as Power Flower which are incredibly important.

He is best used when paired with powerful ap mages that allow him to excel such as Zyra or with frontline tanks that peel for him and allow him to do damage from the backline. Regardless, due to his kit and how oppressive he is, Heimerdinger will surely see a lot of picks and bans in the future as he's one of the best champions in the arena.

A tier champions 

The champions in our A category are also extremely powerful and some of them can easily outvalue the S-tier picks in the right hands. For some of the champions on this list to shine, you will need to have a lot of synergy with your teammate instead of just overpowering your opponents in combat.



Kai’sa is one of the champions whose success rate skyrockets if there is some good synergy between you and your teammate. That being said, even though synergy is important, Kai’sa is more than able to protect herself in a 1v1 situation, since self-sufficiency is one of Kai’sa’s greatest strengths. Another crucial strength of Kai’sa is her ability to switch up her build paths which allows her to build AP or AD, depending on the opposing team comps. 

If Kai’sa is paired with a tanky frontline, she can easily carry rounds and be the main damage dealer. Given the nature of the Arena, a lot of offensive bruisers will constantly try to pin you down as Kai’sa which is why it’s crucial to have someone who will peel for you and allow you to continuously dish out damage. However, if you stay long enough in the game you will pose a great threat as Kai’sa has great scaling and excels in late-game 1v1 combat.  



It’s easy to understand why Darius is one of the most broken 2v2v2v2 champions, given that it’s very easy to get five stacks of Hemorrhage. Once the five-stacks kick in, the fun begins and the enemies are often chopped down in swift fashion with a few strokes of his ultimate. 

It’s very satisfying to play Darius in a setting like this as there aren’t a hundred CC abilities flying your way, slowing you down while you try to catch your opponents. Your enemies will often be forced to face you in close combat which is Darius’ favorite hobby as you’ll get to start stacking your passive. Additionally,  as the game flows quickly and you earn gold often, you will easily gain your core items with a lot of tankiness and tenacity which further amplify your heads-on playstyle.



Shaco is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining Arena and League champions and playing him will provide you with a completely unique experience of the game. As you play in a 2v2 setting, if you’re creative and persistent enough with your clone placement, you can cause a lot of chaos and your clone can put in some good damage, especially if you’re playing AP. Your boxes are also powerful tools that constantly CC and damage opponents while maintaining control of the key points of the map.

Shaco’s power also lies in his versatility though, as he’s able to build both AP and AD depending on the situation he finds himself in, being able to consistently damage tanks as an AP mage or one-shot carries as an assassin. Extended fights also allow you to re-use your Q multiple times which allows for some mind-blowing outplays over the opponents.




League’s newest champion seems to have a kit that is perfectly suited for consistent combat, given that she has several dashes which allow her to chase down and hunt opponents. Naafiri is a nightmare for any ranged champion who dares to enter the arena as she is the embodiment of a fast assassin running, dashing, and killing carries. Her packmates are no joke and if they’re left unaddressed for too long they can dish out a lot of consistent damage, especially once she hits late-game and spawns an entire mob of hounds. 

Naafiri doesn’t lack in the sustain department either, as her Q heals her for a sizeable chunk of HP if she manages to hit an enemy champion. One of the main reasons Naafiri isn’t in our S tier is the fact that she gets released alongside the game mode and despite her easy kit, a lot of champions will first-time her and play poorly which will negatively impact her win rate.



League’s favorite Troll is a very formidable pick in the arena who finds most usage when playing against other champions who like to stack HP. Trundle is a tanky bruiser with a lot of sustain who relentlessly attacks other champions while stealing their stats with his ultimate, which gains a lot of value if you’re playing against a double bruiser or a double tank comp. His W allows him to overpower his opponents with swift attack speed while his Q steals the AD of champions who often rely on it.

Trundle can also peel for his carry with his pillar which is one of the most skill-expressive abilities in the game. Additionally, one of the most fun aspects of Trundle in the 2v2v2v2 is the fact that you can disrupt your opponents with his pillar which can push the enemies in the ring of fire, sometimes resulting in amazing outplays.



It’s fairly rare to see ranged champions get much love in this list due to the nature of the Arena, however, Samira is a unique AD Carry that thrives in extended close-range combat. Her kit naturally benefits of skirmishes in which she can lifesteal and repeatedly use her ultimate which is one of the most potent AoE damage-dealing abilities in the game. That doesn’t mean she cannot adapt to long-range combat though, as her Q allows her to continuously poke her opponents while out-trading them with her W’s wall. 

That being said, Samira greatly benefits if her duo partner chooses a champion with a high level of CC and peel, especially knock-ups and stuns, which grant Samira free passive stacks and a setup for her ulti. If you manage to synergize well with your teammate and extend the fight long enough to hit the S on your passive, Samira will greatly reward you with her unparalleled damage that singlehandedly wipes out teams.

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