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Win more - How to boost your LoL MMR




04 May

MMR is the hidden assassin that often silently murders our chances of getting to the rank we desire. After a tedious, long-lasting game that you lose, the feeling of your LP losses increasing and your MMR tanking can be depressive, to say the least.  

The worst part of Riot’s matchmaking rating is the fact that it takes forever to be fixed which often results in low LP gains and a poor ranked experience overall. Luckily, there is a way you can normalize your LP gains and losses by abusing some well-known strategies.

Buy an elo boost


Getting a lol elo boost to fix your MMR is the route most players take when they can’t climb because of their horrendous LP gains.  

This is also the most effortless solution for escaping elo hell and elevating your MMR as the booster increases your MMR by winning a lot of games in succession. It’s also the safest method of MMR repair, as you don’t risk ruining your MMR even further by playing and losing important games. 

Technically speaking, while boosting is against the rules and can result in a ban from Riot, there are plenty of trustworthy boosting services available that offer affordable prices and ensure the safety of your account throughout the process.

Buy a net wins boost

One of the key advantages of elo boosting when it comes to MMR increases is the fact that most boosting companies nowadays offer the net wins boosting option. Net wins, instead of a traditional elo boost, provide your account with a specific number of wins instead of a boost into a specific division.  

This is particularly useful for players who want a small increase in MMR before they start the climb themselves, instead of another person boosting their account fully.

Hire a coach


Instead of choosing the common route of getting boosted or purchasing a new account, you have the option of making a long-term investment that will improve you as a player over time. 

You can hire a coach, and luckily there are thousands of available LoL coaches that are on the top of the ranked ladder, ready to share their secrets to success in solo queue. This method, however, will not instantly fix your MMR and you will need to spend a lot of time improving before you can go on a big win streak that will pull your account from elo hell.

Play with a reliable teammate

There are numerous upsides when it comes to playing duo queue as opposed to queuing by yourself, which is something that many pro players have said in the past.

Players that hit high elo often abuse duo queue and it’s because you statistically have a higher chance of winning if you’re playing with a skilled teammate, which as a result increases and preserves your MMR. In addition, if you’re grinding solo queue with your premade, you have more dodges since you can dodge from two accounts instead of one before suffering the harsher LP penalties.

Duo with a high MMR player

Apart from having a teammate you can rely on, duo queuing with someone is extremely effective if that person has an account with a high MMR/rank. Playing duo queue with someone who is ranked higher and has a higher MMR is a win-win situation for you because of two important aspects. 

Firstly, you will lose fewer LP and MMR since you’ll statistically play with players who are ranked better than you, and on the other hand, you will gain more LP and MMR than you would normally do when you win a game.

Win more consistently by playing meta


Given the nature of the ranked solo queue, you need to give yourself the highest chance of winning before the game starts. You can do so by picking champions that statistically have the highest win rates on the lane you play in every patch. 

This requires you to consistently keep up with the meta trends whenever a new patch is released and you need to be knowledgeable about the state of the game. That being said, once you immerse yourself in the meta and once you start abusing meta picks, you will see an increase in your MMR.

Play on the blue side

Naturally, the best way to improve your MMR is to win more games and to win more games, you need to adopt methods that will provide you with a statistical advantage before the game begins. There is a little-known fact that, over the years, the blue side has traditionally had a higher win percentage because it provides players with certain key advantages:

  • First pick in champ select (especially important in metas where something is extremely broken)
  • Jungle pathing and leashing options (bot leashes red buff)
  • UI elements (skills, minimap, etc)  negatively affect the red side players more than the blue side
  • Better vision control as the camera angle on the blue side provides a better vision of the river and the dragon pit
  • Better lane setup because the layout of the lanes on the blue side is slightly more favorable for certain champions, making it easier for them to farm and control the lane

 Given that you can dodge games without an MMR penalty, you can choose to dodge games until you get blue side which gives you a higher chance of winning the game overall.


Play fewer games with more focus

The most common way accounts get stuck in irreparable elo is because players try to get out of low MMR by spamming hundreds of games. More often than not, plenty of those games are going to be full of tilted gameplay and a lot of autopilot games with low levels of focus. As a result, you often see accounts with thousands of games, a 50% win rate, and poor MMR. 

Instead of mindlessly spamming games, you should play fewer games with a clear-headed mindset and focus on winning. This will result in fewer uncontrolled losses and an MMR that is much less volatile since you’re not playing solo queue on autopilot and losing games for no reason.

Win key games in win streaks

Win streak

Win streaks are crucial in LoL because they can significantly boost your MMR and help you climb the ranks faster. Generally speaking, the matchmaking system in LoL is designed to match you with players of similar skill levels, based on your individual MMR. 

For this reason, if you keep winning games against players of a similar skill level, the system will recognize that you’re superior in comparison to the players of your MMR rating.

As a result, once you’ve won enough games for the system to recognize you as a strong player, you will be put in the so-called key games. In these games, you will be matched with players that have superior MMR and if you win the game, you will significantly boost your MMR and get more LP than you usually would.

Win key games in the loser queue

If you’re someone who has recently fallen on hard times, there is a way to bounce back your luck before you’ve completely doomed your MMR. In ranked, occasionally, it feels as if the odds are stacked against you as soon as you’ve stepped on the Summoner’s Rift. This is because you’re in the so-called loser queue with other players whose MMR is tanking or players who are just ranked way below you.

These games are challenging to win as there is a lot of RNG involved and the players that participate in these games are often tilted and unmotivated to tryhard, which often results in trolls and AFKs.

This is exactly why these games are especially important to win because by winning these games you’re bound to be placed in games with a more stable MMR and fewer players that can potentially ruin them. Should you win these key games in the loser queue, you can expect your MMR and your win rate to improve over time as a result.

Buy a new account - get a fresh start

Smurf accounts have multiple usages and they’re most commonly purchased when someone needs a break from the stressful solo queue on their main account. However, smurf accounts are also commonly bought if you’re looking to escape your MMR hell by starting a new ranked journey.

The main advantage of a smurf account lies in the fact that it has untouched, ranked-ready MMR, allowing you to start a ranked climb without poor LP gains.

Luckily, there are dozens of legitimate websites that sell level 30 ranked-ready accounts with untouched MMR. In addition, you can also find smurf accounts with high MMR which can give you a solid LP boost before you start playing ranked.

Account decay

When it comes to fixing MMR, one of the tricks many high elo players resorted to in recent times is letting their account naturally decay by not playing ranked games.

As a result of decaying, your account will be demoted in rank but the MMR will not fall off as much, allowing you to play against weaker opposition while still having strong MMR. This will open up more space for you to correct your LP gains by getting on a win streak before you reach the rank you were previously in.

Keep in mind that this is a strategy that works for Diamond+ players as only those ranked tiers can decay in rank because of not playing solo queue games.

Learn how to be carried

There is a common misconception in the community that your KDA and individual performance impact your MMR. However, this is a myth, as you gain/lose the same amount of MMR, regardless of your score. 

You should keep this in mind instead of letting your ego force you to take unnecessary risks. If you’re doing poorly in a game, keep your head down and try your best to get carried over the finish line. 


All in all, there are plenty of viable options that can help you elevate your MMR ranging from good habits such as playing the meta to tricks such as blue side priority and account decay. 

However, the safest and the quickest methods of MMR improvement involve hiring a coach and ordering an eloboost, preferably a duo boost since you will participate in the boosting. Not only will you improve your MMR, rank, and LP gains, but you will also improve as a player which is a great long-term investment.


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