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22 Jun
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At our shop you can purchase league of legends smurf accounts for all the various regions:

  • EUW
  • NA
  • EUNE
  • TR
  • OCE

Our accounts are all unranked fresh mmr with level 30, ready to be unleashed in ranked games.

Why you should buy a lol smurf account from

Have you ever wanted to learn a new champion or try your skill on a new champion without ruining your winrate on your main account? Then a smurf account is the perfect solution for you.

Play anything you want without any consequences of your mains MMR, smurfs are also great to use to play the so called "First game of the day".

High elo players play on smurf accounts all the time while playing on their mains when they are playing at their best, thats how they maintain a high elo so long.

2 years ago

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