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How safe is it ? - Is LoL boosting bannable




04 May

Boosting has become the easiest method of reaching high elo without breaking a sweat, with hundreds of players getting their accounts boosted every single day. Acquiring a boost is extremely easy with dozens of boosting companies providing their services that are only a few clicks away. 

However, Riot has a specific stance when it comes to boosting and a lot of players find it tricky to understand whether buying an elo boost will lead to a ban on their account.

Is LoL boosting bannable?

In theory, LoL boosting is a bannable offense and it’s considered a violation of Riot Games’ terms of service. Riot has expressed in the past that they consider boosting cheating and that it undermines the integrity of the ranked ladder which is why it’s prohibited.

However, if you’re purchasing your boost from a reputable company, there is a very low chance (under 0.1%) that your account will get restricted or banned by Riot. 

Practically speaking, one in over a thousand accounts that gets boosted gets banned or punished by Riot which means that LoL boosting is almost completely safe. In addition, there are certain methods and precautions that you can take when you’re boosted to ensure that you won’t be banned or restricted in any way.

How to get elo boosted safely


Purchase from a reputable company

The most common mistake players make that leads them to get their accounts banned or stolen is to purchase an elo boost from a random stranger online. These strangers will, more often than not, steal your money or account credentials as there is no way for you to protect yourself during the transaction.

Luckily, nowadays there are dozens of professional eloboosting companies that employ top-notch boosters. The biggest advantage of purchasing an elo boost from a professional company lies in the fact that your money and private information are protected by using secure payment methods.  

Additionally, your account credentials are protected by using third-party applications and a hashing system that never shares your username and password with the booster that plays on your account.

Get duo boosted

Duo boosting is undoubtedly the safest method of boosting and it involves a 0% risk of ever getting banned or punished by Riot. It works differently compared to traditional boosting as you won’t hire anyone to play on your account and you won’t share your account details. 

Instead, you will be the one who plays on the account throughout the boost and you will duo queue with the booster who will play on a smurf account.

What makes duo boosting a very secure option is that involves no account sharing and suspicious behavior on the account that is boosted because you’re the player who is playing on the account. In addition, some players like to be involved in the boosting process which is why they end up choosing this option.

How Riot detects boosting

Account sharing

The most common way Riot spots boosting behavior is when they detect IP sharing on a single account. Naturally, when you purchase a boost, the booster will log onto your account from a different location and network compared to the one you usually play on, which raises suspicion as a result. 

That being said, IP sharing won’t always get you banned since some players legitimately play in different locations when they’re travelling abroad.

Large MMR/win rate increase

When a player wins a high number of games in succession and his MMR increases at a rapid rate, Riot can investigate the account to try and detect boosting. This is because, when a boosting process commences, the booster usually has a much higher win percentage than the original owner of the account.

In-game behavior

When a Riot starts actively investigating an account to detect boosting, in-game patterns play a large role in detecting a booster’s behavior. Riot analyzes the champions played, items purchased, and other in-game actions to compare them to the usual playstyle that is displayed on the account in question. 

Summoner spell key bind swap

On the surface, changing a summoner spell key bind is not something that should be considered suspicious and it has nothing to do with boosting. However, if you decide to suddenly change your Flash to F when you’ve played with Flash on D for years, it can allude to account sharing.

While it is not a big deal on its own, when paired up with other patterns of suspicious behavior, changing a summoner spell key bind can potentially get you in trouble.

How we protect you from a ban



Virtual Private Network is a service that we use to mask the booster’s IP address while he plays on the account. This method of protection is extremely important because account sharing and sudden IP changes are the #1 way Riot detects boosting. 

Some VPNs also offer additional security features such as full encryption, which makes VPNs a very important aspect of our security system.

Duo boosting with account swaps

We offer a unique feature for players who want to be extremely secure, even when they choose the duo boosting option. On request, our booster can consistently swap accounts that he plays duo on, to further decrease any chances of your account being spotted and banned for boosting.

Offline mode

Offline mode is a feature that allows our boosters to be fully invisible during the boosting process by appearing offline to your friends list while they’re playing. As a result, the booster won’t receive any notifications, messages, or invites from friends while he’s playing on the account. 

This is extremely useful as you don’t want to be spotted being boosted by your friends who can write a ticket to Riot Games out of jealousy and spite.

Playing at off-peak hours

Playing at off-peak hours significantly reduces the chances of being banned for boosting in League of Legends by making it less likely that other players will report your account for boosting or that the account will be detected by Riot's automated systems. 

Simply put, during off-peak hours, there are fewer players online, which means there are fewer players to potentially report suspicious behavior.

Champion and summoner spell selection

Given that Riot can detect boosting based on unusual behavior patterns such as champion and summoner spell selection, we allow you to customize your boost to fully protect your account. 

You get to choose the champions you want to be used throughout the boosting process as well as the key bindings for your summoner spells, which further reduces the chance of your account receiving a ban.

Friendly boosters

There are plenty of boosting websites that end up being a poor choice because of their toxic boosters that flame their teammates. This can potentially result in a permanent ban or a restriction of the account the booster is playing on, which is a massive failure.

That is why our boosters will never talk to your teammates in-game and you will never get banned or chat restricted because of in-game chat.

Is LoL boosting illegal?


There is a common misconception that boosting can get you into legal trouble with the authorities, given that it’s prohibited by Riot Games’ terms of service. 

Speaking strictly from a legal standpoint, even though boosting in League of Legends is bannable, it is fully legal and you will never commit a criminal offense by being boosted or boosting someone. 

Simply put, your account can be banned and you can be restricted as a player in League of Legends, but you won’t go to jail or pay any financial fines for being involved in the elo boosting process.


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