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Lol MMR Changes in patch 14.8




26 Apr

The MMR changes in League of Legends Season 14 patch 14.8 are heavily discussable, as they have adjusted the LP gains downwards, stopped rewarding Smurf accounts, and begun pushing new users starting division down.

In this article, we will speak of what has happened at patch 14.8 and the resolution to bad LP gains and bad first-placed rank. Let's begin!


What Did Riot Change on MMR?

  1. Before patch 14.8, unranked players were seeded to Platinum 4-1 as the starting rank. After the latest update, now everyone gets placed in Silver 4, but there is a way to increase your starting MMR in LoL

By having an outstanding win rate and performance in Normal Games, you can shift your seeding rank to a higher alternative. 

  • The amount of games and win rate required is not officially announced by Riot Games, yet playing a minimum of 10 normal games with a %70 Win Rate should increase your normal game MMR for a better start.
  • The maximum Rank a player can start remains unknown.
  • Your prior performance in other game modes impacts your seeding as well but with way less increase potential.
  • The Matchmaking system has shifted in terms of quality and competition. Before patch 14.8, players were matched with their Visible Ranks, more than MMR. Because of that, there were players who were matched with other players above their skill level but with similar visible ranks (Smurf accounts with High Win Rates). 

Results of Changes in MMR LoL

low lp.png

Because of the changes made in MMR on League of Legends, there are quite difficult to handle results for certain types of accounts:

  1. All the unranked accounts will be playing according to their skill level while being forced to have a lower rank than previous patch accounts. Making Smurf accounts difficult to rank up with High MMR but low visible rank.
  2.  Because of that change, players who played games on their fresh accounts which got placed in tiers above Gold in the previous patches, will face troublesome LP gains (+15/-35 in some cases)

How To Fix Broken LP Gain At Patch 14.8

big lp lost.png

The reason for your account having bad LP gains starting at the new patch at League of Legends is that you have been placed to a higher rank than intended on an unranked account.

As you are placed in Platinum, while your MMR doesn't have such heights in reality; Riot is trying to balance out by adjusting harsh LP gains according to the player's MMR. Here is how you can fix your LP gains:

  • The LP gain adjustments are strictly made towards Fresh accounts that haven't played ranked too much, playing more games scales up your LP gains in time.
  • Keeping a good win streak to regain your high gains at your new account with low amount of games shows great results.


Riot Games has come up with another decision that destroys the enjoyment of competitive play.

The players that have low amount of game accounts from the past patches are gaining 15 and losing 30+ even with a good win rate, making the time they have spent leveling and ranking the account up go to waste.

The best decision to take during this patch would be to stop playing ranked on your Smurf account, they will adjust the LP gains with a better MMR system in the long term, and for now: Starting up a new account is just not worth it.


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