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How to Gift Valorant Battle Pass




27 May

Whether it’s the holiday season or your friend’s birthday, gifting them something they’ll love can make the occasion much more special.

If your friend is an avid Valorant player, gifting them a way to experience the premium battle pass is a fantastic way to enhance their gaming experience.

Sadly, Riot has made it pretty complicated to gift a battle pass in Valorant unless you use a creative alternative.

How to gift a battle pass in Valorant?


Unfortunately, in 2024, there is no direct method of gifting someone a battle pass through the Valorant client.

This is because, despite planning to create a system where players can gift each other items like in League of Legends, Riot hasn’t enabled a gifting system in the game yet.

The only way you can surprise someone with a premium Act Valorant battle pass is to buy them Valorant points that they can use to purchase the pass themselves.

How to gift VP in Valorant

Redeem a gift card

The only method that you can use to gift someone the VP currency in Valorant is through prepaid gift cards. 

Even though these gift cards require you to physically purchase them before redeeming, this method does have an advantage which is the fact that it doesn’t require a credit card or bank account to be purchased or used. 

Once you’ve purchased someone a VP gift card, these are the steps they need to do in order to redeem it:

  1. Scratch the code
  • Make sure to scratch carefully because scratching too hard might damage the numbers, making them undecipherable in the process
  1. Open the VP purchase menu
  • To open the purchase menu, click on the small Valorant logo in the top-right corner next to your account details and Night Market
  1. Navigate to prepaid cards, enter and submit
  • Find the Prepaid Cards & Codes section that is on the far-right end of the menu. Enter the prepaid card code and press Enter to redeem your Valorant Points.

Keep in mind that Valorant gift cards are currently only purchasable in the United States and can be only redeemed in the US, Canada, and specific areas in Latin America.

Valorant battle pass price

The Premium battle pass with all of its features costs 1.000 Valorant points (VP) which is the premium currency used to obtain cosmetic items in the game.

Depending on your region, 1.000 VP equates to:

  • $10 USD in the United States
  • €10 EUR in Europe
  • ÂŁ9 GBP in the United Kingdom
  • â‚ą799 INR in India
  • A$14 AUD in Australia
  • ÂĄ1,100 JPY in Japan

Prices for premium Valorant battle passes are consistent across all Acts which ensures a consistent long-term pricing.

They reset with each Act, providing new content and cosmetic features that can be unlocked by in-game grinding.

Acts typically last for two months, which means you’ll have to re-purchase the pass with VP afterward in order to access premium rewards.

Is Valorant battle pass worth it?


Statistically speaking, in terms of the content it provides you for the price you pay, Valorant’s battle pass is the most cost-efficient method of obtaining cosmetic items.

This is because a Valorant battle pass that has been fully tiered up provides you with dozens of weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, and cards.

To put things into perspective, plenty of standalone weapon skins cost more than an entire battle pass, with skins often being valued at thousands of Valorant points.

For this reason, battle passes such a bargain as they provide you with a way to obtain plenty of unique limited-edition cosmetics for only a fraction of their real price.

The only fee you have to pay for all of these items is your time. This means that you’ll have to spend dozens of hours playing the game and completing objectives to level up the battle pass tiers to the point of unlocking everything that’s available.


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