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Valorant: Player Count and Statistics 2024




23 May

Approaching its fourth year of inception, Riot Games’ take on first-person shooting remains a pivotal figure in the multiplayer gaming space.

The game has captivated millions of players worldwide with its unique blend of tactical gameplay and colorful character-driven combat.

Valorant's ability to mix a beautiful-looking game with deep strategic elements has set it apart from other titles in the genre, which is why the game continues to thrive in 2024.

How many players play Valorant in 2024


Monthly users

In 2024, Valorant has retained a consistent figure of 17 - 19 million monthly players, making it statistically one of the most popular video games in the world.

The game has established itself as a powerhouse in the multiplayer gaming space among the FPS giants of recent times such as CS:GO and Apex Legends.

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June 2020

850 thousand


September 2020

7.9 million

+ 830%

December 2020

8.1 million

+ 2.5%

March 2021

11.5 million

+ 42%

June 2021

12 million

+ 4.35%

September 2021

13.5 million

+ 12.5%

December 2021

14.7 million

+ 8.9%

March 2022

16.5 million

+ 12.24%

June 2022

18 million

+ 9%

September 2022

19.4 million

+ 7.8%

December 2022

17.7 million

- 8.7%

March 2023

20.1 million

+ 13.56%

June 2023

20 million

- 0.5%

September 2023

18.5 million

- 7.5%

December 2023

17.1 million

- 7.5%

March 2023

19.5 million

+ 14%

May 2024

16.8 million

- 13.85%

The monthly active users (MAU) stat is relevant as it factors in only accounts that actively participate by playing rather than all registered accounts.

Historically, Valorant experienced the biggest surge in MAU at its launch, in late 2021, and early 2022 when the game continuously increased its player base and attracted new players.

The game surpassed the 20 million MAU count in March and April of 2023 which has remained the game’s peak in terms of monthly users and active engagement.

Despite the slight decrease in the player base in the latter stages of 2023, Valorant has statistically bounced back in early 2024, with Riot looking to have another successful year in the books. 

Daily users

Daily activity is another important parameter when determining a game’s popularity and relevance as it showcases the game’s ability to continuously draw in a loyal player base.

In that department, Valorant averages around 4.5 million daily users, which ranks it among the most actively engaged first-person shooter games in the world.

On average, you’d find around 700-800 thousand players actively playing the game at all times, resulting in relatively short queue times.

This accessibility and player diversity encourages players to return regularly, reinforcing the sense of community within the game itself.

Most active Valorant regions in 2024



Valorant is extremely popular in both the North and South American regions and has remained one of the most popular multiplayer shooter games ever since its release in June 2020.

Due to the game’s immense popularity, the Americas region has created some of the most successful teams in the international Valorant scene.

The most notable ones include LOUD, Evil Geniuses, and Sentinels, with LOUD and EG claiming the last two World Championships in 2022 and 2023.

These rosters host some of the most popular and talented Valorant players in the competitive scene including Tenz, Less, Demon1, and Saadhak.

South Korea and China


Valorant in the South Korean and Chinese region has seen a significant surge in popularity in recent years with a lot of hype building up around the game.

This has also impacted the Esports scene which has been overshadowed by the European and American pro teams in the past few years.

Some of the teams such as Paper Rex, Gen-G, and EDG have proven themselves in recent times, with Paper Rex being the current silver medal holder of last year’s World Championship.

Another feat worth mentioning is the Gen-G’s five-match thriller against Sentinels which broke the Valorant’s concurrent viewership record.



Continuing the trend of Western domination in Valorant, the European Valorant scene has seen nothing but steady growth and success in the past few years.

Valorant is most popular in Western European countries such as Portugal, Spain, and France as well as some Eastern European ones such as Poland and Czech Republic.

The European region has seen its fair share of competitive glory as well, with Fnatic being the standout org in terms of global success.

Their most notable results have been the victories in 2023 at international tournaments Masters Tokyo and LOCK IN Sao Paulo, as well as a 4th place finish in the World Championship.

Valorant players by rank






85.000 (0.5%)


340.000 (2%)


800.000 (4.7%)



935.000 (5.5%)


1.140.000 (6.7%)


1.207.000 (7.1%)



1.394.000 (8.2%)


1.360.000 (8%)


1.343.000 (7.9%)



1.292.000 (7.6%)


1.156.000 (6.8%)


1.054.000 (6.2%)



952.000 (5.6%)


816.000 (4.8%)


714.000 (4.2%)



612.000 (3.6%)


510.000 (3%)


408.000 (2.4%)



323.000 (1.9%)


221.000 (1.3%)


136000 (0.8%)



80.000 (0.5%)


<50.000 (0.3%)





Top 400

When it comes to player distribution in Valorant, the ranks on the ladder are well-balanced and appropriately distributed across the board.

That means that very few players are at the very top or the very bottom of the ladder and that the majority of the player base is ranked among the middle ranks.

This is statistically true, as the most populated ranks in terms of active accounts are Silver and Gold which sit at the middle of the ranked ladder system.

Is Valorant dying in 2024?


After the massive peak in popularity that Valorant experienced in late 2022 and 2023, the game has slightly declined in relevance at the beginning of 2024, having experienced a player base decrease of around 15%.

However, as the year progressed the number of MAU has significantly improved, with April marking a particularly successful month when the game recovered from its initial losses.


All in all, the average player count for 2024 has shown that the game remains highly popular and continues to be a dominant force that retains a stable player base, both on a daily and a monthly level.

This sustained engagement is a testament to the game’s position in the multiplayer video game landscape as it looks likely to have another great year in terms of growth and income.

Esports popularity


One of the main reasons Valorant’s relevance cannot be brought into question is the massive surge in popularity the Esports scene experienced in 2024.

Small but important changes to competitive Valorant have been made such as adding qualification points that improved the format and attracted a larger audience.

The most noticeable spike in viewer engagement was in the biggest international tournament of the year so far, the Masters Madrid. Tournament’s final match was one of the most exciting best-of-five series in a long time, peaking over 3.1 million concurrent viewers.

These figures and developments indicate that Valorant is not just surviving but thriving, solidifying its status as a major player in the esports industry for the years to come.


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