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5 legit ways to get free RP in 2024




24 Jun

Every League of Legends player has a dream of waking up in a shower of Riot Points, giving him the opportunity to buy every Waifu skin he ever dreamed of buying. Sadly, these dreams always end harshly when we wake up and realise that we have to use our credit cards in order to buy the newest Ahri skin. Remember the time when we could get free skins like the Riot Girl Tristana and Unchained Alistar? Even though we cannot get those anymore, luckily, there are still some ways you can acquire free RP and free League of Legends cosmetics.

How to get free RP in 2024?

Before we discuss all of the legitimate ways to acquire free RP, keep in mind that the vast majority of free RP handouts on the internet are fake and that their sole purpose is to scam you and take advantage of you. Be especially cautious around websites that don’t have an SSL certificate or around websites that trigger your antivirus/Windows Defender. Furthermore, be wary of sharing your personal information and never share your account/credit card details with shady individuals and websites. All of that aside, there are luckily many ways you can legitimately earn RP without being scammed.

Turbosmurfs lootboxes

Turbosmurfs is one of the few sites that actively gives back to their community and their customers and one of the ways they do it is through their lootbox system. There are two types of lootboxes on their website, regular lootboxes and premium ones. The regular lootboxes contain prizes such as discount codes for smurf accounts and the grand prize which is a free smurf account with a lot of BE. They are free to open and anyone can open a regular lootbox every 24 hours. However, the real fun begins with the premium lootboxes, which require 750 TC (turbo credits) to open. The turbo credits are earnable by spending money on the website, opening the free lootboxes, referring friends, or actively participating in the Turbosmurfs Discord community. The premium lootboxes are one of the very few ways to acquire free RP because they contain prizes including RP cards and smurf accounts that come equipped with a 1350 RP skin of your choice.

Turbosmurf premium lootbox


It may seem like a far fetch for someone who hasn’t won any lottery-like competitions or participated in any giveaway draws in their life, but giveaways are a neat way to get something for free, with very little effort. A lot of YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and Trovo streamers nowadays encourage their audience to interact with the stream and support their channels by giving away RP cards and gifting skins. 

Small content creators in particular perform these giveaways frequently as a good way to increase their traffic and grow their channel. In most cases, in order to participate in one of these giveaways, all you need to do is subscribe to a certain channel and leave a comment, which is free and takes about 5 seconds of your time, so there is no good reason why you wouldn’t take a chance.

Microsoft rewards

In late March, Riot positively surprised the members of the community by revealing that you can earn free RP by participating in the Microsoft Rewards program. This is one of the very few instances in which Riot actively gave out RP cards instead of cosmetics to the community. The Microsoft rewards system basically rewards the user by giving them points after a series of challenges, trivia questions, and hot takes are completed. Those points stack up, eventually resulting in a free RP card if you complete the tasks every day. Another positive aspect is that you get a bonus for each consecutive day you’ve completed the challenges, making the rewards even easier to reap. The process is infinite and you can perform it as many times as you wish, which is really useful if you’re saving up for an expensive skin. That being said, there is a downside to the entire system and it lies in the fact that it is region-specific and it’s only supported by a selected number of countries at the moment.

Completing surveys and small online assignments

While it doesn’t provide you with free RP directly, there are many ways you can earn just enough money to buy the newest Lux skin without leaving the comfort of your chair. 

Completing online surveys is one of those methods and it’s likely the most popular one as well. The task is quite simple, you need to complete sponsored surveys over and over, which provide you with a small amount of money until you have enough to cash out and use that money to get RP. It sounds simple because it is simple and it’s work that requires little to no effort, you can practically complete these surveys in between games, during queues and champion selects. Additionally, other alternatives to completing surveys are website reviews and tests, starting small sponsored websites, form filling, and data entry. 

Twitch Prime

In order to replace the old array of free skins that you could acquire by supporting League of Legends on social media, Riot decided to give back to the community via the Twitch Prime system. You’re eligible for the Leauge’s Twitch Prime rewards if you have an Amazon Prime monthly subscription. Every month, Riot creates a new Prime capsule that contains loot including free RP cards, skin shards, champion shards, orange essence, mythic essence, and blue essence. Generally speaking, these capsules are really cost-efficient and they contain loot that is often more valuable than the entire subscription itself. While this method isn’t free per se, you could be eligible to earn these free Prime capsules because a member of your household uses Amazon Prime and you weren't even aware of it.

This method will end in March 2024.

Prime capsule

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