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EUW Master Handlevel

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EUW Master Handlevel

EUW Master Handlevel

Price per account

304.85 Euro

Blue Essence


Riot Points




Win Rate


Are you looking for a Master account on EUW? Then this is the perfect account for you, maybe you are looking to start a new main after a ban or just want to try out Master elo, then check out this account!

S13 2nd Split - Master 1lp
S13 1st Split - Diamond 1
S12 - Platinium 1
S11 - Diamond 2

39 Skins (4 Legendary, 24 Epics, 10 Legacy)
46 Emotes
71 Icons
13 Skin Wards 
9 Chromas (Victorious Anivia, Victorious Sejuani, Victorious Blitzcrank)