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League of Legends: Clash 2024 Schedule and system explained




16 May

LoL Clash returned for a new season of tournaments with a brand new rewards system that is beneficial for all participants, rather than just the top seeds.

While several of the Clash competitions for 2024 are already part of history, you and your team can still experience the thrill of competitive League from the comforts of your home.

What exactly is League of Legends Clash and what are the requirements to enter any of the monthly tournaments?

What is League of Legends Clash?


While the Clash 2024 system was revamped to a certain degree, the essence of the tournaments remains the same.

There are eight teams in each bracket and each team can play up to three games each.

With the new rankings system (explained below), even the teams with zero wins at the end will earn a consolation prize.

Therefore, even if you lose your first game, you should continue with the remaining games to potentially win better prizes.

The competition date can be seen below but more importantly, you can start forming your LoL Clash team as soon as Monday of the tournament week.

The captain of each team can start inviting players, friends, and even strangers, and also pick the logo, team tag, and name.

There are also four skill-based Tiers in Clash, which will guarantee that each team will be matched with an opponent near their level.

Each Clash Weekend allows you to play in two separate brackets, one each on Saturday and Sunday.

Even if your team loses on the first day, there is a new eight-team bracket waiting for you on Day 2.

Moreover, you can even enter with a different team. 

Requirements to enter Clash

  1. Minimum Account Level 30 
  2. To confirm the identity of the participants in this in-game tournament environment, Riot added a new requirement. All participants must verify their League of Legends account via SMS. 
  3. All players must have completed at least one of their Ranked placements in the current or previous year. All Splits from 2023 and 2024 are included.

You can also check what ranks can play together here

When is the next LoL Clash tournament in 2024?

Riot limited the number of tournaments per year in 2023, resulting in about one opportunity per month.

In the past, there were weekend competitions almost bi-weekly.

The bad news? Five of the tournaments happened already. And just for reference, here they are:

  • January 27-28 - Noxus Cup
  • February 24-25 - Shurim Cup
  • March 23-24 - ARAM Cup 1
  • April 13-14 - Piltover Cup
  • May 4-5 - MSI Clash 

And now the good news - there are six more weekends on the LoL Clash 2024 schedule until the end of the season.

  • June 15-16 - ARAM Cup 2
  • July 20-21 - Demacia Cup 
  • August 10-11 - Shadow Isle Cup 
  • August 31-September 1 - ARAM Cup 3
  • November 16-17 - Zaun Cup 3
  • December 14-15 - ARAM Cup 4

League of Legends Clash Rewards in 2024 vs 2023

Clash | Theme Song - League of Legends

There was a lot of noise about the old rewards system in 2023, which made the overall experience worse for many of the participants.

Teams were exiting the tournaments prematurely instead of fighting until the end.

Until this year, the top eight teams were all entitled to a prize but the rewards were generally quite basic. Teams were winning almost nothing unless they finished among the Top 5 of the tournament.

The 2024 LoL Clash system was built to motivate players to perform with utmost seriousness from the start to the end of each competition.

Instead of winning a prize based on the final placement, each team gets a reward based on the number of wins.

Even the teams that finish with 0 wins get a considerable consolation prize that is better than the reward for the teams between 6-8th place in 2023.

As always, there are two prize pools and you decide which one you will be playing for.

There is a Basic and a Premium Ticket and both can be purchased via the in-game store or won through the completion of missions.

The Basic Ticket can be obtained with Blue Essence while the Premium version requires RP or in other words, real money.

Each player on your team will decide which ticket to use for themselves, so your final prizes may be different.

Teammates can also gift tickets to each other.

Here are the new LoL Clash 2024 rewards for the basic and upgraded prize pools:

Basic Ticket Rewards

  1. 0 Wins - 1 Clash Logo, 1 Mystery Icon, XP Boost (3 Wins)
  2. 1 Win - 640 Ward Skin, 1 Clash Logo, 1 Mystery Emote
  3. 2 Wins - 975 Skin Shard, 640 Ward Skin, 1 Clash Logo, 1 Mystery Icon, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Basic Ticket
  4. 3 Wins - 1350 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 640 Ward Skin, 1 Chibi Icon, 1 Clash Logo, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Mystery Icon, 1 Basic Ticket

Premium Ticket Rewards

  1. 0 Wins - 500 Orange Essence, 750 Skin Shard, 1 Logo, 1 Basic Ticket
  2. 1 Win - 500 Orange Essence, 1350 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 750 Skin Shard, 1 Logo, 1 Basic Ticket
  3. 2 Wins - 750 Orange Essence, 1820 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 750 Skin Shard, 1 Logo, 3 Basic Tickets
  4. 3 Wins - 750 Orange Essence, 1350 Skin, 1820 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 750 Skin Shard, 10 Mythic Essence, 1 Chibi Icon, 1 Logo, 1 Basic Ticket

From this season, Riot also guaranteed that all participants would earn double the Victory Points per win.

With the new system, every triumph gets you 400 VP and the important fact here is that the VP rewards cost the same as before.

  • 400 VP - Banner Level 1
  • 600 VP - Theme Logo 1
  • 1000 VP - Banner Level 2
  • 1400 VP - Banner Level 3
  • 2000 VP - Theme Logo 2


While the community would love to have more LoL Clash tournaments per annum, there is no doubt that Riot is moving mountains to guarantee the best experience for each team and player.

Clash was introduced with the idea of offering a structured competitive experience to players from all skill groups.

It was meant to promote teamwork and strategy, and that it does.

Regardless of the rewards, League of Legends Clash adds an exciting dimension to this already iconic game.


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