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Top 13 Smurf account names in League of Legends




27 Jun

Smurfing is a practice that is as old as League itself and every smurf needs a unique aspect that makes them stand out. That process can be demanding sometimes, especially because a lot of the coolest names are already taken. Luckily, we’ve created a list that includes summoner names ranging from funny ones to those that will ensure the opposing team you mean business while smurfing. 


L9 Rat

There are no surprises when it comes to our #1 pick for a smurf name as it includes the most infamous boosting/smurfing organization in the game’s history. If you haven’t encountered them in the past, the short summary is that all L9 members are well-known for their skill and in-game prowess, as well as occasional toxicity. Hundreds of smurfs have L9 in their name or club tag and using it is a great choice for anyone who’s looking to be respected and regarded as a smurfing god while climbing the lower tiers of ranked play. You can also outright name yourself as one of the L9 members and convince your teammates that you’re one of them, with the most popular choices being: L9 RAT IRL, L9 AP0CALYPSE, L9 0bsess, and L9 Selfmade.

Your main account name + v2

v2 name example

Our next inclusion is one that is well-known to any LoL player, which is your main account name +v2. In general, it’s considered that v2 means version 2, which ends up as a great option for smurf name creation. Over the years, we’ve all faced extremely skilled players that have v2 in their names, most of them being high elo smurfs. Putting your account name or the name of your favorite champion or your original account before v2 is a simple way of telling your opponents that you’re a seasoned player with multiple accounts or that you're extremely skilled on a certain champion and that you shouldn’t be underestimated.

Low Elo Abuser

low elo abuser name

This name is the first cocky one on our list and it makes the cut for a good reason. Names like these, while being offensive to your opponents, are a solid way to show your intention to absolutely stomp the game you’re playing. If you’re skilled enough and your win rate is off the charts, this name will surely scare a couple of your opponents in-game. Some other disrespectful alternatives to this one are Bronze 1v9er, IDominateYou, and RATarded elo (Twitch reference).

Permabanned again

Permabanned again

We dedicate our next entry to all our fallen brothers that got hit by Riot’s banhammer. In general, many smurf accounts are created because of the fact that the player’s original account got restricted or outright banned by Riot. Those players who were previously banned then include terms such as permabanned, banned, or reformed in their name to show that they had problems with toxicity in the past. If you’re one of these players, look no further than usernames like these, as they’re a good way of preemptively warning your team that they might be flamed or that you’ve changed your past behavior, depending on your choices. Some good alternatives are fkbeingbanned, 14dayvacation, and the combination of Reformed and your banned’s account name.

Your main account name with special characters

Special characters name example

One of the smallest changes that you can make to your existing name in order to create a powerful smurf name is adding some special characters to it. Adding special characters to names that are already taken or to your original account name is a well-known practice in League for years and is becoming a common practice in smurf creation as well. Just pick out a special character in your character map and you’re good to go. One of the biggest benefits to this practice is that you can quickly refer to your main account name that’s high elo and it builds up your personal identity and legacy behind the name you’ve chosen.

Name of a pro player

Pro player name example

Our next pick comes off as no surprise to anyone who is a seasoned LoL player. Using pro players’ LoL names was common throughout the game’s history and there are several advantages when you use them as your smurf account’s name. The primary advantage is that if you have an insane win rate on your smurf account and link your op.gg, your team might actually believe that you’re the pro player in question. You can ask for ganks, buffs, and other privileges that a pro player might have in a low elo game just because of your summoner name. Just pick a popular pro player and you’ll have a lot of fun while climbing lower ranks.

Pro team + your main’s name

Pro team + your name example

Similar to our previous pick, summoner names that have a pro team in front are a tradition as old as LoL itself. That being said, if you value creativity and you want to maintain your identity while combining it with a pro team tag, this choice is perfect for you. In general, it’s simple to create and allows you to pick whichever team you support or whichever team is doing the best at the moment. Additionally, if you’re good enough in-game, you may be able to convince your teammates that you’re a young academy prodigy from the pro team your name mentions.

Lane + god

lane + god example

Moving on, we’ve picked a combination that will suit anyone who’s looking to smurf in only one specific lane. If you have a large win rate on the lane you’ve decided to play, you can convince your teammates to give you the lane you’re looking for in champion select, regardless of the role you’ve been given. On the other hand, it will make the opposing team wary of your skill and they’ll respect you much more once you step onto the Rift if they’ve OP.GG-ed you before. Last but not least, the word God in your name can be replaced with words such as King, Lord, or Emperor, as long as it accurately showcases your prowess in the lane you choose.

Papa Smurf

papa smurf name

In general, there are a million cocky and ego-enlarging smurf names out there, but there are very few funny ones that include a popular pop culture reference as well. Papa Smurf is one of them, which mentions one of the main Smurfs protagonists and lets the world know you’re smurfing while keeping it light and not rubbing it into their face. Some of the best alternatives include Smurfette, Subway Smurfers, Kanye EUWEST, MoreGANK Freeman, Busta Ryze, and Darth Veigar.

EZ 1v9

ez 1v9 name

Our next smurf name is a perfect combination of cocky and funny, which is Ez 1v9. Names like these are a no-brainer since they ooze confidence while remaining casual and light-hearted. The point is to show that you’re not afraid of getting incompetent teammates because you’re confident enough in your skills that you can play against two teams at once. Some good alternatives are: 1v9 machine, me against all, and champ + 1v9 (eg. Thresh 1v9)


bmperor name

BMperor is another one of those examples of a name that merges arrogance with a pinch of disrespect and satire. BM, for those who are missing the joke, stands for bad manners in video gaming and it’s a pretty popular term among OG multiplayer gamers. The term is mostly used to describe players who disrespect their opponents after outplaying them or players that generally conduct unsportsmanlike toward other players on the Rift.

Rito + champ name

rito + champ example

Rito is a well-known intentional misspell of Riot’s name made by the OG’s of League’s community. The meme is almost as old as the game itself and originates from the earliest days of the game’s existence. Oddly enough, it’s still very popular with the game’s playerbase today and players still laugh when they see someone joke around with the word Rito. As a result, that creates a great option for creating a cool smurf name by adding the word Rito in front of your favorite champ or your main account’s name itself. Additionally, you won’t get banned or sanctioned for impersonating a Rioter, which has happened in the past before.

Lane/champ + diff/gap

lane champ diff example

Showing your lane opponent that you’re the dominant one is one of many crucial segments of creating a mental advantage in League. That’s why having your smurf named by the combination of a lane + diff is a solid choice, especially if you’re looking to play a specific lane. By doing this, you’re letting your opponent know that you’re looking to smash them and outperform them while having a solid reason to spam lane diff whenever you kill them or out rotate them on the map. You’re further frustrating your opponents with the fact that every time you’re mentioned in the chat, they’re going to be reminded that you’ve outperformed them in the game. Additionally, you can switch it up by one-tricking a champion and putting that champion in your name such as Veigar diff. You can switch the word diff up with gap as both of them are commonly used when flaming the inferior laner in League nowadays.

Last but not least, all of these spicy smurf names have probably inspired you to start smurfing yourself. Look no further than our trusted smurf shop, with the cheapest and most reliable smurf accounts on the market. 

7 months ago